Friday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was very cold and frosty and I nipped out to do a bit off shopping and decided to go to the big new Asda just for a change.  I wandered around but there was nothing of any real interest just the same old stuff.  I did see that they had a new delivery of fair trade flowers so I bought a lovely bunch of assorted rose buds for my poor Japanese friend who lost one of her dogs at new year.  When she saw me at the door she broke down in floods of tears so a big hug was in order and we sat and chatted for quite a while until she was on a more even keel and her husband had returned from walking the other dog.  
I have been trying to analyse the pain that is involved in loosing a dog it seems to be much greater than loosing a person which sounds dreadful.  I have come to the conclusion, right or wrong, that we are able to love dogs unconditionally because that is how they love us.  There are no misunderstandings brought about by language problems there are no squabbles over trivia there are no hurt feelings because dogs don't understand and so you expect less.  Don't get me wrong there are days when you could cheerfully kill them - when they first run off to have fun and refuse to come back or they decided to eat your favourite shoes.  Forgiveness for these misdemeanours is easy because they don't understand you give them more lee way. You are the dogs whole world and no matter what they are always pleased to see you.  I think it is similar to the love you have for a small child who also doesn't understand the complication of being a human adult they just look at you wide eyed and hope.  When you hold them in your arms as they breath their last it breaks your heart but some how you know you have done the right thing in saving them from more suffering.  It is the deal you make the day you pick up that bundle of fluff that is a puppy.  The day I lost Basso my heart broke and it has never fully recovered he was, to me, a small child so the pain was and is intense.  I look at Sandy who lost Yoda not long after and she is still grieving his loss.  My Japanese friend has no children so this dog was her child no wonder she is destroyed.

Ok philosophical discussion over Shiona is back from Scotland and was going to come over today but forgot an appointment so she rang and canceled before I took anything out of the freezer so no problems there.  I have half a bottle of red wine which I was going to give her for lunch as I don't drink and neither do the boys.  So now I think I will make a rich red wine sauce which we all do eat. and I am sure I will find something to go with it but in the mean time it can go in the freezer.  Yesterday I made an Indian savoury cake which has vanished over night but I have a fridge full of pigs in blankets curtesy of Tesco cheap department so I will be looking at them for lunch with baked beans and an egg nice and easy.  

Bless his cotton socks Denzil did a big hoover around yesterday and I ran about with a duster so we are in a relatively tidy state indoors.  The solicitor who is dealing with my paperwork is organising two estate agents to come and value the house so that is a small bonus as I have no real idea how much it is worth.  Given that I paid £13,000 for it many years ago when it was in a state of total disrepair  it will be interesting to see what they think it is worth on todays market.  I am still ambivalent about a possible move the one thing that keeps me here is the amount that has been sunk into making this house very cheap to run.  If I can find someone to keep the garden under control then there will be no problems. The one thing with gardens is they can always be retrieved it was in a state when we arrived here and the fist thing we did was to rotavate it from end to end and laid the whole thing to lawn until we had the time to do something more interesting.

Well that your lot for this morning I hear the shower calling me.

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