Rev the engine and release the handbrake here we go into 2017.  This year I feel I am at the top of the hill rather than looking at the struggle up the hill.  It is chilly here but not freezing .  Yesterday I got a summons from Sandy and apparently there was no choice she had made lunch and I was to attend and when a friend calls, thats it, you have to comply.  Poor soul was looking decidedly unwell but she had slaved over a hot stove so I had two helpings of soup followed by two helpings of cold meat, mash and pickles.  Then it was off to do some shopping.  I know you shouldn't shop on an empty stomach because you end up buying more than you should well the reverse applies when your stomach is full. Everything I looked at I didn't fancy, fortunately I had a list or I would have come home with just one lemon.  Once I got home with the goods and got them put away I was overcome with tiredness, next doors dog had woken me at 4am and by 4pm I was ruined. The previous days long drive in thick fog had really taken it out of me as I had to concentrate the whole time.  That sounds as if I drive around on autopilot which I suppose I do to some extent, but in thick fog you really have to concentrate unless you want to end up as a statistic.  Suffice to say I laid down and before I knew it it was 7pm and I had been out cold.  Not to worry I had got most of my food organised and underway so it was not a problem.  

James car is back on the road and legal so that makes life a bit easier for us. Denzil returned from work bearing tons of stuff that was going cheap at the depot.  So my fridge is bulging at the seams with trays of pigs in blankets and assorted other party foods.  My sister and I had a long conversation on the phone which will probably require an overdraft but what the hell it makes up for the many years we have not spoken at such length. It is difficult when rekindling a relationship not to over do things too quickly and end up in the inevitable fight over some trivia or another.  We had long discussions about the bureaucracy surround death and funerals etc as both of us have hit stone walls.  She is in a more difficult situation as a British citizen in a European country and with Brexit looming that could prove even more of a problem.  

I think we have plenty of time while the governments wriggle and scream before anything earth shattering will happen.  I don't think any of them have the first clue what to do or how to go about it and in the end big business will continue to trade with Europe and the politicians can carry on fumbling in the dark.  How many years have we been trying to decide about the third runway?  It took 21 years for the new Maidstone hospital to be agreed upon. It is not as if we have a history of quick decisions.  From my perspective, that of a confirm cynic, the only thing the government are really good at is extracting money from the working population and feathering their own nests. Told you I was a cynic!!!  Let's see what sort of a hash they can make of things this year.

Anyway I for one don't care! I have enough to think about without the worlds problems as well.  Far more important is have I got the puff pastry out of the freezer to defrost so I can cobble together a dessert for my guests. Shall I make a starter and go for three courses or keep it simple.  Are my potatoes going to mash nicely or turn into glue now these are issues that really need dealing with.  I am still undecided as to whether to go for the steak and kidney or the lentil option both are ready to go so I can leave it until the last minute.  I have a salad to go with the lentils and some curly kale to go with the steak and kidney and mash will go with both.  Next issue is that the door to the lounge is mostly glazed so not exactly private,  By way of a temporary measure I though I would duck tape a towel to the door to occlude the glass.  I don't want my guests to feel they are in a goldfish bowl. My hair is a disaster area but little I can do about that now.  Another thorny issue is I have a dog who has slobber problems so I thought I would provide my guests with an apron each to save their clothes normally the know better than to wear good stuff to my house but they are visiting others so I expect they will be dressed appropriately.

Sitting here writing about it is not getting anything done so time to refill the coffee mug and get moving.

I wish you all a wonderful new year filled with happiness and delight.
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