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Friday Morning

Good morning all, if you are getting wet I apologise it is my fault I asked the head gardener for the rain to water in my bulbs and low and behold it is hosing down.  I don't usually have such an efficient hotline to the weather gods but I for one am not complaining it is exactly what I wanted.
Yesterday went according to plan and much to my surprise the Lord Woolton pie was eagerly demolished.  I did deviate somewhat from the original recipe but it was still a mixed vegetable pie.  The pastry had 3 ozs of cheddar in it and a nice egg wash both things that would have been missing from the original however I got rid of lots of vegs that were lingering in the cupboard. I served it with even more vegetables in the form of peas cooked with a little bacon and gravy made from the cooking water.  The final pie was enough for 6, so 4 of us had it for lunch and James and I finished it off for supper. Sandie had brought a chocolate cake with her and needless to say that has evaporated.  I …

Thursday Morning

Good morning all, yesterday was a quiet yet quite busy day.  Elaine stopped by for a cup of coffee on her way home from a doctors appointment which takes her right past my front door.  We did laugh about the pastry she had made thinking it was a new idea not realising it was a WW2 rationing recipe.  So along those lines, I have made a Lord Woolton pie for lunch.  I must admit I have tarted it up a bit and it will have a nice lid of very cheesy pastry.  However, the principle is the same shed loads of vegetables in pastry. I am definitely a carnivore but I often end up making vegetarian dishes because I like vegetables as well.
The garden looks damp so I think we have had more rain overnight but probably only a shower we really could use a day of steady rain to wet the ground properly.  I was trawling through the Thomson Morgan site and have earmarked a couple of nice plants I would like to order in the spring.  It will soon be time to bring indoors the tender plants which have spent …

Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  I had a lovely long sleep last night and really didn't want to get up this morning.  Now that my bulbs are planted I feel a bit more relaxed my nails have been done and I was treated out to lunch at Elaine's.  She had made some vegetarian pasties from the Hairy Bikers book. The pastry was interesting as it was 50% mashed potato.  When I went home I had to look it up and found out that it is a recipe from the days of rationing in WW2. It was a way to eke out the meagre fat allowance.  It then suddenly crossed my mind that anyone wanting to lose weight should look at what the ration was and try to stick to that for a while.  Nothing fancy or expensive just a hell of a lot less!!!! and absolutely no waste.  Anyway, that said the pasties were actually delicious and benefitted from a good spoonful of Branston pickle.  Dessert was some chocolate beetroot cake so all vegetarian but very tasty.
Denny had worked her magic by the time I got home and I went for a nap …

Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  What a lovely day I had yesterday the nice gardening ladies came at 10am and planted in excess of 200 bulbs dotted around the garden and in every pot and trough they could find.  Litres and litres of potting compost were put to good use and the patio was stripped of weeds.  Meanwhile, I sprayed weed killer over the far end of the garden in the hope that some of the weeds will die over winter.  Now we need some solid rain to wet the ground which is very dry.  In between several loads of washing were completed and they dried in moments as it was fairly windy.  Now I can sit back and wait for the surprise that spring will bring.
As evening drew in we had the oddest sky it was very yellow and looked as if we were in for a major storm but nothing happened.  The photo doesn't do it justice but you can just see the odd colour.

Today I have an appointment to have my nails done then I am going to Elaine's for coffee afterwards.  I have an appointment to have my eye …

Monday morning

Good morning all.  Well, this weekend was a bit of a muddle but I hope my friend had the time and space to relax a little.  She went home yesterday late afternoon and our German meal ended up as supper last night.  I was very impressed by the dogs who welcomed the new puppy and played with him so nicely.  They did have the option to go upstairs when he was getting a bit much but they happily shared their toys, bones and bed with him.  We only had one accident and that was on the kitchen floor which was easy to clear up.  Dan slightly terrified him by his sheer size until he realised he was as soft a butter and very happy to play silly games. 

I have just had a look at the weather forecast and today looks good for the gardening ladies no rain forecast but a gradually gathering wind speed.  So a good day to get all the washing done too before we are hit by the hurricane which is apparently en route. 

The house is a bit of a tip but the wonderful Denny is due tomorrow so I just need to …

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Well, my plans for yesterday were turned on their heads when I got a phone call from a friend who was having a bit of a meltdown and needed a bolt hole.  So, of course, I offered her sanctuary for herself and her puppy.  Fortunately, the dogs all get on famously and the front room sofa bed was pressed into action.  I am sure you all understand there are times when you need to get away from the home situation and have a bit of time to cool off and get your head together.  I run a very easy going establishment so I am not put out by an added person and/or an added dog.  I have had my moments when I needed a friend so I am always happy to return the compliment.
Anyway, she is sound asleep and I am keeping an eye on the puppy who is wide awake and looking for some fun.  He has had a couple of goes trying to help me with the typing but just like Dan he really doesn't have the skills.  He 50% springer and 50% labrador but has inherited much more springer so he is qui…

Saturday morning

Good morning all.  I am late this morning not because I have been sleeping but getting the computer sorted out.  It has just been through a cleaning process and has wiped out bits I want.  I can no longer get into my blog via google and have had to use safari which I hate.  Anyway I am in now and will have to have a bit more of a fiddle to re-establish my google connection.  
Yesterday was a quiet day with just the usual run of the mill stuff to do.  I had made a chorizo and potato stew the remains of which got morphed into a paella for supper.  Today we are in Germany for food with bratwurst and sauerkraut for lunch.  I have a plethora of small jobs to do but as the weather is looking fine I would like to get out with a bit of weed killer.  The weeds really seem to flourish while the plants struggle and everywhere is covered in leaves.  The garden is by far my biggest headache at the moment as I am not really fit enough to cope with it and the boys are completely disinterested.

Friday morning

Good morning all.  I was woken up this morning by some kind of bird practising his singing and failing miserably.  I don't know much about bird song so cannot make a comment on species except it's, not a magpie or a crow which I would recognise.  It sounds big as the volume is not the problem but it sure isn't attractive.
Shiona arrive nice and early and we headed straight off to the new Aldi - needless to say, we were not the only ones with this idea.  They had erected a couple of tents outside and were giving away free breakfast to all and sundry.  It is about double the size of the previous shop so much more room to manoeuvre and there are acres of parking so that problem is solved.  They had wagyu burgers which I haven't seen for a while so I bought a whole load of them for the freezer.  I also bought some chia seeds which I have read are very nutritious but I have never tried.  They remind me of the tapioca pudding we used to get at school which we called frog sp…

Thursday morning

Good morning all, yesterday’s gnocchi making was a huge success James got the mix perfect and they were delicious just dressed with a knob of butter some grated cheese.  A great simple lunch with a nice mixed salad.  Well done him for persevering and getting it right in the end.  So much better than the vacuum packed bullets you can buy in the supermarket.
Today I am expecting Shiona bright and early before we hit our brand new ALDI.  I am hoping for some serious bargains.

Dan has been to the hairdressers and here are the before and after pictures

 complete scruff
gorgeous young man
He only goes to the groomers every three months or so but he still finds it a stressful and comes home exhausted but smelling like a freshly baked cake.  I don't know what shampoo they use but he certainly smells good enough to eat!!!!  Tubby doesn't understand what all the fuss is about - his coat is totally self-cleaning and needs no attention at all.  At least with Dan's feet trimmed he wil…

Wednesday Morning

Good morning all today it is raining not heavily but enough to damp things down.  Actually, the garden is very dry so rain is needed. 

After waiting a whole year Gary has finally found a gap in his work so he is going to come and do a plethora of little jobs for me.  Whether I go ahead and strip out the garage and reorganise is as yet not decided.  I have managed with it this long so I am not sure if it is worth the effort.  My original idea of punching a door through to the garage to save me having to go outside is a non-starter as the door would miss the garage by about 6 inches.  It might be that it just needs a deep clean and tidy and a million trips to the tip.  Anyway, I will discuss the details with Gary once I have his undivided attention.  One thing I would love to have done is to have the lighting in the kitchen changed at present I have silly spotlights in the ceiling which illuminate nothing and the bulbs blow on a regular basis.  I would much prefer to go back to a decent…

Tuesday morning

Good morning all a bit later this morning I think I am finally back to a more sensible sleep pattern however given my track record I am not holding my breath.
I shot off to Faversham yesterday morning as my coffee supplies were very low so Sandie and I had a nice breakfast and catch up chat.  However, my mind was elsewhere so I didn't really shop well I did get the coffee but forgot lots of other stuff I had intended to buy.  The dogs got a cow knee each so they were very happy and I got two £1bags of tomatoes which were on the blink.  I put them straight into a pot and crushed them with a spud masher then added salt and pepper a clove or two of garlic and a splash of olive oil.  Once they were cooked down I put them through a mouli legume the result was a 2litres of tomato soup to die for.  It was way too wet to make into sauce and would have taken hours of reducing on the stove so I stopped and called it soup.  We had a portion for supper last night and the remainder will be go…

Monday Morning

Good morning all it is still pitch dark outside so no idea what sort of weather we are in for today.  My sleep patterns are gradually returning to normal but it does take a while.  
Yesterday was a day of peace and quiet just pottering about the place and getting back in touch with what I have in my cupboards. Denzil has put lots of stuff in the freezer so that is still a magical mystery tour.  James is going to give the gnocchi another go today and see if he can't get them the way he wants.  I will have to rustle up a sauce to go with them but there is always just butter and cheese if I can't find anything appropriate.
On Thursday this week, we have a brand new large Aldi store opening and it is less than half a mile from home so very convenient.  It is on an industrial estate so there should be plenty of parking which has always proved a problem with the current store.  If you want to shop on Sunday you need to be there by 9.30 for a 10am opening if you are going to get int…

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  It is strange to think that this time last week I was being whistled away in an ambulance.  I have had a trawl around on the net and discovered that my problem with air con is not unusual.  I wish I had known that sooner not that there was much I could have done to avoid the problem except sleeping in the car park.  Anyway, it was just a blip and I am fine and have been since leaving the hospital.  If only the hotel had windows you could open I'm sure the risk of people jumping out of them is less than the problems caused by the air conditioning.  
Everything is back to normal now and last night we decided to have a takeaway curry - I think I ate enough calories to keep a platoon of soldiers on the march for a week but it was gorgeous.  I have just finished watching a program about how British soldiers were helped to escape from a Nazi prison in Abbruzzo and how the locals risked their lives and those of their families to help our guys escape over the mountains…

Saturday morning

Good morning all it is a bit dull here this morning after several days of nice sunshine.  I am gradually getting back into a routine but it is taking longer than I thought.  I suppose it is like all things as you get older everything seems to take an age.  The poor old brain is not quite as agile as it once was.  The dogs have relaxed and are no longer guarding our every move.  I have been out a couple of times and come back so they are more confident that I will not get lost again.  In the process of putting away my stuff, it seemed a good opportunity to do a bit of filtering and thinning out of redundant clothing as well as giving the wardrobe a good clean as each shelf was emptied and reassembled.  
James ancient phone finally died so he went out to replace it and very sensibly went for a not top of the range but a reconditioned one.  I too got mine from secondhand phones - don't you just love the people who change their phones each year making a great secondhand market.
I was…

Friday morning

Good morning all yesterday was a day of success stories.  My appointment at the eye hospital was at 8.45 and when I arrived they apologised that the consultant was stuck on the M25 so my heart sank as in the past I have spent 5 hours in a traffic jam on the same road.  In fact, it is locally known as the M25 car park!  anyway, I was seen by the nurse and had drops to blow my pupils open and an eye test blood pressure etc. then buy some miracle the  consultant arrived and saw me  which gave me a golden opportunity to pick his brains about my dominant right eye when shooting which he explained to me so at last I now understand what that is all about.  Next, it was the booking in nurse and I told her that I would be more than happy to accept a cancellation if one occurs before the 6 weeks I might have to wait.  Then that was it I was off home and sitting in my dining room drinking coffee at 9.40 so under an hour including travel - that is what I call efficiency.  Well done the beleaguer…

Thursday Morning

Good morning all another early start but not a problem as I can sleep whenever I feel like it.  The dogs think I have lost the plot and they feel obligated to get up when I do in case I go and get lost again.
My eye appointment fizzled out yesterday as they had given me the wrong day and the appointment is actually for today.  Fortunately, the clinic is only 5 minutes from home so no big deal.  I have a small problem with a wasps nest in an air brick at the front of the house so today I must organise to have it dealt with.  
I have caught up with some of the shopping and the laundry is now up to date.  While I was away thousands of bulbs have arrived but I am in no big rush to get them planted they can wait another week or so.  I could use my gardening ladies so I will give them a ring and see if they can fit me in.
It is interesting how quickly you lose touch with the running of the house.  I have also lost touch with what is going on locally so I am catching up on that too.  I find…

Wednesday morning

Good morning all another silly early start but my sleep has been somewhat disrupted and I think it will take a few days to get back on track.
I don't know if you remember but I had an appointment to see the ophthalmic surgeon which had to be cancelled as I was away.  Yesterday I rang to get myself put back on the waiting list and about ten minutes after I had spoken to the booking clerk she rang me back to ask if I would like an appointment today at 8.45 am so I grabbed it with both hands and am delighted not to have to wait another 6 weeks for an appointment. Sometimes things go just right and it is nice to have positive news.
Denny came yesterday and absolutely blitzed the downstairs as the boys were still fast asleep I asked her to leave the upstairs.  James slept until lunchtime after his marathon drive I think it will take him a couple of days to recover.  However, I need to put in writing that he was fabulous through all the trauma of my hospital admission in Como and it wa…

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Yes, it is silly o'clock but I have been trying to catch up on 48 hours of no sleep so I fell asleep early and now, of course, I am wide awake.  First, let me say we had a wonderful holiday very relaxing and stress-free until our homeward journey which turned out to be the journey from hell.  The weather was perfect not too hot and with the odd bit of rain mostly at night so not a problem to us.  After one stormy night, we woke to find that the mountain tops had been given a dusting of snow.

The peak you can see is the highest mountain in Italy and is the view we had from the terrace.  As yet I haven't got to grips with the photos and come to that I still haven't unpacked my case.  If I give you a run through the homeward journey you will understand why I am a bit behind schedule.
We left Montefino on schedule on Saturday morning after James had walked my sister's dogs for her and had a good run all the way up to Lake Como.  I had booked us into a h…


Good morning all the good news is that whatever was trying to kill me has failed I am still alive and kicking.  Much sleep gallons of fluids and half the contents of the pharmacy seem to have done the trick.
Yesterday's lunch with another couple of Brits was fab. Let me run you through anti pasti of 3 types of bruschette followed by home made hams salamis and cheeses.  Then came the pasta which here it is Spaghetti alla chitara followed by ravioli of ricotta in tomato sauce.  Followed by saliboca and a massive salad. Nothing from a packet or shop.  I then fell into bed and slept till early evening when I was struck by starvation and we had a pizza supper at 10 pm the back to sleep.  

Time for a shower and get my act together 

Wednesday morning.

had a bit of a crap day, bad cough shivers so slept most if the day buy lovely to be being looked after by family and friends hoping for better to day

Tuesday morning

The little van has just come to the square and delivered fresh youghurts and burrata which is mozzerella made with cream which is of course to die for.  It is so fresh that if the day before is a festa there will be none.  Everything here is seasonal be that fruit or vegetables olive oil or certain meats. Takeaways don't exist as everyone cooks and the local specialities are arosticin which are small skewers  filled with small lamb/mutton pieces and cooked over a mini charcoal burner.  Today we are shrouded in the mist of 🍂 autumn.  Will fill you in with more details when I retrurn.  In the mean time have a good day.

Monday and time is flying

Lovely weekend good weather including a fabulous thunderstorm over the mountains. Food well what can I say this is Italy.  Everything going smoothly.  This morning we have no internet connection as the mast was struck by lighting.  However it is due to be back later this evening so although I am writing in the morning I am may not be able to post till later.

The area is peopled with kind and helpful people they are so few and far between that they all help each other out.  It is like going back in time not in terms of technology but in terms of attitude.  If you need something there is always someone who has a relative who can fix you problem. Everyone has a cousin who is a plumber or electrician who fix anything.

Yesterday Carol had a wood delivery which brought the whole town out to help and once in was barrowed down the flight of steps and stacked we all went to the bar for a beer which of course came with crostini the Italians don't drink without food of some kind.  This is a …

Saturday morning from Montefino

Good morning all just an update to let you know how things are going.  We had a terrific journey out here and managed to drive the whole of the north of France 🇫🇷 and Switzerland 🇨🇭 in one day getting as far as lake Como Italy 🇮🇹 where we stopped for the night. The following day we arrived in Montefino by 3 pm having stopped for a leisurely lunch.  Being British I have to tell you about the weather. It has been mostly hot a sunny though it did rain one night which left snow ❄️ on the tops of the mountains.

Yesterday we filled several item on the bucket list. Plates of calamari, a swim in the Adriatic and a small bit of sun bathing. Pecara has lovely golden sand and beautiful aquamarine water.  James has made himself quite at home and as there are 2bars less than 100 yards away.  He doesn't have to go far for a coffee ☕️ or a beer 🍻 and is on first name terms with the proprietor. Can't manage to get the photos to works will add when I get home.

Saturday last day

Good morning all this time tomorrow I should be pounding across the north of France.  So today is a final shop for stuff to take with us by way of a picnic and some bits for my sister.  Then it will be on with the packing as yet I have nothing in a suitcase but I do have small piles of bits around the place just waiting for the case.  James came home yesterday evening somewhat shattered so he is sleeping like a baby and I will leave him as long as I can.  They had a lovely time in Suffolk so I am happy for him.  It doesn't matter how old your kids are seeing a smile on their faces always makes a mother happy.
My nails are done and the girls worked miracles with nails that were a real mess.  I am pale pink and sparkly which as my nails are rather short looks OK.  I think if I had gone for a deep red it would have looked like I had put my hands in the blender.  Which reminds me many years ago a distraught neighbour came banging on my door she was as white as death and somewhat inco…

Friday 2 to go

Good morning all it is a lovely sunny 10 degrees this morning after quite a day of showers yesterday, autumn is definitely here.  Today I only have one pressing engagement and that is to have my nails done at lunch time. They are a real mess so the girls will have their work cut out to make them look good.  I would like to swing past Tesco and restock my first aid stuff for the car.  Nothing worse than a pounding head ache and no paracetamol.  My car first aid kit would make you laugh as it is actually one designed for dogs.  I did a course in dog first aid many years ago and at the time bought a comprehensive first aid kit for the animals.  When I looked at the contents I realised that it was fine for humans too but needed a couple of additions so it has been in my car ever since. The wonderful thing about first aid kits is that if you have one the chances of needing it become very remote.  I don't bother with things like dioralyte as I think I am able to cobble together water w…

Thursday 3 to go

Morning all a late start but it follows a late night so not surprising.  The dogs had a day of fasting and abstinence yesterday and being dogs they had no idea why!!! However, from our perspective, it seemed prudent to let their over indulgence pass through.  Tubby looked like a little Buddha his tummy was so full.  Today things will be back to normal with a bit of portion control.  Dan made lots of big displays of trying to eat a dry bone in the hope we might get the message that he was starving!!!!
I have an instapot pressure cooker and there is actually a whole group on facebook who swap recipes but there is a thread running at the moment discussing how to boil eggs in a pressure cooker. I am baffled, why would you do this, it is so easy to use a saucepan and it takes no longer. Just because it is possible doesn't make it sensible.  I'm sure you could boil eggs in a bucket on a barbeque doesn't mean it's a good idea.  There are some things pressure cookers a wonder…


Time is marching on and this is the stupid time too early to pack and too late to make changes.  I am having lunch with Sandy today which will distract me. Saturday will be a busy day doing the last minute things and hopefully an early night ready for an early start.  I really am hopeless at waiting I am like a caged tiger.  The storm came through last night with lots of rain and a good blow but this morning couldn't be nicer.    Calm and sunny, not too warm, but a lovely autumnal day.
Both dogs are in disgrace today as they lied about supper so had double portions which has caused them some discomfort and more gas than is liveable with.  Today will be a day of abstinence for them while their tummies settle down what silly boys. Moral of the story never ask a dog if he has had supper!!!!

Tuesday morning 5 days to go

Good morning all, chilly but clear skies.  Over the last few days we have started off OK then the rain has swept in from the west and the afternoons have been damp, to say the least.  I had a parcel of plants delivered from Thomason Morgan and approximately 20% were destroyed so I sent them an email and a photo of the plants.  Nice result they will be re-sending out another batch of plants at the end of October which is just perfect as I will be back from my adventure.  Yesterday a bag of Hyacinth bulbs arrived and I am now trying to decide whether to plant them for indoor decoration or put them straight into the garden or maybe a pot on the patio.
I have dealt with the bank and what a pain in the neck that was. Their system is not set up for travellers only for going to a place on a specific day and returning on a specific day.  So I was asked a battery of questions I couldn't answer. What day will you be entering Switzerland? who knows if all goes according to plan it should be…

Sunday and 7 to go

Good morning all, well actually it is nearly lunch time but I didn't get to sleep until the wee small hours so I have slept in.  The dogs have just returned from a nice long run and are now happily snoozing in the sun.  By this time next week, we will be well on our way through France and heading hell for leather for the Swiss border.  Sadly this is not the prettiest part of France and only gets interesting as you reach Alsace where it gets a bit more hilly and wooded.  It is our intention to use the toll roads as there is significantly less traffic and being a Sunday most of the lorries will be parked up and off the roads so we should make good time.  There are also plenty of service stations en route so we can pull up and change drivers easily.  
My sister has planned a meal which can sit happily for days until we arrive it is one of those dishes which only improve with sitting around for a while.  I have reassured her that we do not need entertaining and will be quite happy to…

Saturday Morning 8 days

Good morning all what a miserable day we had yesterday it rained for most of the day.  It was so cold I broke out my duvet having had just a quilt on the bed all summer.  This morning it is only 11 degrees so still pretty chilly.  Let's hope we have an Indian summer before we turn the corner for winter.  I really hope the temperature has dropped in Montefino or it will be a real shock to the system.  
I used up the last of my lovely fish things from Iceland so this morning another load is being delivered.  The shop is just up the road but it often doesn't have the items I want so it is better to get it delivered.
These are the items I would strongly recommend as to make them from scratch would cost a fortune and be lots of work. Rope Grown Scottish Mussels Shallots & Garlic £2 Zuppa Di Pesce Fish & Seafood Casserole with Squid, Hake, Mussels, Clams £3.50  add soup pasta and extra stock Sugo Alle Vongole Clams in a Mediterranean Tomato & Herb Sauce £3.50 add spaghetti

Thursday Morning

Sorry about yesterday but I had to dash out early as I was going over to Shionas and I had somewhat over slept.
I have finished the diagonal crochet thing!!!  As you can see it is made up of gash bits of wool and now I am not quite sure what to do with it.  It is such a thick texture I think it may end up as a rug beside my bed as the colours will sort of go with the decor.  Anyway, it has kept my hands occupied for a while and I enjoyed doing it.

James is doing another airport run today so I am car-less.  However, I have the ingredients to make Jamies fish cakes so they will be on today's menu.   I must say I am liking his only 5 ingredients dishes. Simple but tasty.  The fish cakes have just salmon, lemon grass, ginger and coriander and are served with a chilli jam well mine will be with sweet chilli sauce which I have.  Not quite sure what is happening for supper as I think James and Denzil will be out so it is just me in which case an omelette will do fine. I think we have fi…

Tuesday morning 12 days to go

Good morning all raining today but the washing is back in and dry.  Yesterday was a bit of a non day just fiddling and crocheting and doing my studies.  Denzil brought home a trifle and guess who ate it all what a pig and quite unlike me.  Anyway I thought I had better omit supper as I had rather over indulged but I then woke at 3am starving so I ate my two hard boiled eggs which were in the fridge and went back to bed and slept like the dead.  Its a good job that Dan barks if there is someone at the front door as I dont hear the doorbell.  Next thing I knew Denny was here and the day was underway.
Today I have some serious cooking to do as the Osso Bucco is now defrosted so it needs cooking and it will take a good couple of hours so I had better get my act together and get it underway.  Denny always starts with the kitchen so once she is out of it I go in and make a mess.  But first a shower and get dressed as I am still pottering around in my dressing gown.
Have a great day all

Monday morning 13 days and counting

Good morning all it is looking distinctly like rain this morning and guess what idiot left a load of washing on the line overnight and it has rained on it so it is all wet. The dilemma is, do I bring it in or leave it out for a further rinse.  Being lazy I think I will just leave it and hope it eventually dries.  I ordered a couple of pairs of trousers from cotton traders for my holiday and was absolutely delighted as they fit me like a glove.  Some times things go right and I am now happy that I have all that is required for our adventure.  It is still pretty hot in Montefino so it will be a bit of a shock to the system I think but the coast is not far away and the Adriatic is lovely and warm now.  I am very much a water baby and even went swimming on Christmas day in the Mediterranean when we were in Spain for the winter.

Not much to say today as I am just treading water at the moment only a few loose ends to tie up.  Have a good day all what ever you have planned.

Sunday morning

Good morning all I had a great night no barking dogs James had a word with our neighbours and gently pointed out just how much their dogs were distressing people in the road.  I think they may have kept them inside last night as it was lovely and quiet.  Our other neighbours are also very lucky or at least their cat is.  I was doing a tour of the garden and Dan was on my heels all the way when I discovered their cat in my greenhouse.  If Dan was the killer type dog that would have been curtains for the cat.  It leapt about three feet in the air hissing and spitting and trying to get out through the glass.  It was well and truly cornered fortunately Dan went into a perfect point poised to go in for the kill but the training kicked in when he was told in no uncertain terms to "leave".  A very useful command and well worth teaching it has saved many an item of food that I have dropped and in this case, the cat has eight lives left.  Had I not been there I think things might ha…

Saturday morning

Good morning all another glorious sunny day a bit chilly at 13 degrees but still lovely it rained overnight which is ideal but it does make it feel autumnal.  Yesterday I had a dash to Faversham to get coffee and while I was there I bought some other goodies I got some goose rillettes which is delicious spread on hot toast.  Then there was the cheese counter so I got a couple of bits a local goats cheese and a fresh pecorino [sheeps milk] then I hit the butchery department and came away with some veal cut for Osso Bucco, some pork chops from fat pigs and some sausages.  And most important of all a big beef bone sawn into pieces for the dogs who have been very busy ever since. The chops will be on today's lunch menu as Denzil will be home for lunch after his early start this morning.
It is a very good job I don't live close to the shop or I would be broke in no time they have such a tempting array of goodies.  I know that if they don't have the ingredient I am looking for …

Friday morning

Good morning all the sun is shining not a cloud in the sky it is a cool 14 degrees out side so perfect weather for me. August seems to have flown by and here we are in September which is often one of the best months of the year.  Only 17 days and I will be off on my adventure across Europe.  I think I have everything under control so not the time to panic yet. The part of Italy I am going to is currently suffering wild fires following the horrendous heat wave. They have had a dreadful year what with massive snow falls earth quakes and heat waves.  The one thing they will not suffer is flooding as my sister is in one of those pretty hill top villages.  When I went earlier in the year many of the roads were impassable due to landslides and earthquakes but hopefully, they have been repaired by now.

At some point, I will have to get a handful of euros for minor purchases en route.  It seems that the euro is almost equal to the pound so at least it will be easy to work out prices.  I have…

Thursday morning

Good morning all here is s screen shot of the radar picture for our area yes it rained and rained

Fortunately, it was the right kind of rain slow, steady and all day so it soaked into the ground rather than ran off.  There was no torrential down pour just constant slow rain perfect for the garden. Today the sky is clear and the sun is shining but the temperature is so low that the heating has switched on. I don't switch it off in the summer as it is thermostatically controlled and only comes on if the temperature warrants it.  It is a mere 14 degrees outside but a cosy 22 indoors.
I had a rethink about my chicken yesterday and decided to go ahead and make the dish with tarragon cream and mushrooms which we served with some plain boiled rice and very nice it was too.  The off cuts were put into the pressure cooker with the requisite veg and so this morning I have the job of straining it off and picking over the carcass for the dogs.  There are two pieces of chicken left which will …