Wednesday morning

Good morning all, this blog is giving me hell I dont know why every time I try to get a fresh page it gives me a layout I don't understand and it then take me ages to find a way of getting a blank page to write on.  This has been a problem since it refused to recognise me so I will have to keep persevering until I get it fixed.  I wish I understood computers better than I do.

You will notice I am posting later as I am trying to train myself to sleep longer in the mornings instead of getting up in the wee small hours. Now that I am a lady of leisure I don't need to get up so early.  I must say my mind is much easier now all the papers are in the hands of someone else the only thing I had to do was check to make sure the building and contents insurance on the house was solely in my name.  It never crossed my mind that they would refuse to pay if Mike's name was still on the policy.  As luck would have it it is all in my name anyway so no need to change anything.  It is all these little things that you discover hopefully before you fall on your face.

Yesterdays soup was just what the doctor ordered plain and simple but made from the very best of ingredients.  The stock from the goose was stunning so there was almost no need to add anything.  I have a bit of a problem with calling it stock when perhaps it is broth what is the difference?  I guess stock has no salt added but broth does.  Anyway you who cook know what I mean.  I do use the words interchangeably as I don't really know the difference. 

I took a trip to Morrisons yesterday just to see what was on offer and also for the outing.  There was nothing worth buying except carrots which were were going very cheap so I phone Elaine as I know she likes to buy them for the horses.

Today's menu is a blank slate at the moment all I know is I have some broccoli that needs eating up so brocolli and stilton soup sounds good except I don't have any stilton.  Perhaps another trip to the shops will fill that gap.  May be Aldi will have some going cheap!!!

Denzil was off to work this morning at 5am so he will be back around 12 for some lunch.  The weather here is cold but absolutely still not a breath of wind not even enough to ruffle the bamboo. Shiona is off up to Scotland today ready for the new year celebrations which being a scots they celebrate much more than Christmas.

I need to get going and do something useful as usual the kitchen could use a little attention before I start making todays mess. I have been free wheeling for a while but I now need to get some structure back into my life as I am definitely happier when I have a plan of campaign or a project to keep me on track.  It is all too easy to say "Sod it", and go and put your feet up but therein lies the road to hell as nothing goes away it just waits patiently for you.  I think I need to give myself a good talking too!!!!!
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