Wednesday morning

Sorry to be so late again but I am having some dodgy nights with sinusitis which is driving me crazy. Sadly, rough nights lead to rough days.  Yesterday I felt better and made the veal chops for lunch they were truly delicious.  The recipe I used suggested rubbing the chops with a mixture of garlic, black pepper,  rosemary and lemon zest.  They were left in the rub to come to room temperature then immediately before frying they were salted.  I fried them like professionals [not dieters] in shed loads of butter then right at the end added the juice of half a lemon.  Now that is the flavour I remember from childhood.  With mash potatoes [no butter just milk] and some courgettes it was a really sumptuous meal the gravy was to die for.

Today by contrast I feel rotten so it is some fish cakes with the left over mash and broccoli.  Minimum effort required.  The boys fancied a pizza last night but I had already made meat balls which needed eating up so if they are still in the mood they can have a pizza tonight as I am very definitely not in the mood.

I am still having trouble with google not letting me in - I think I might just start a new blog with google as that is what it wants and I will obviously post the new address here so you can keep up if you are so inclined.  However I will leave it until I am a bit more with it and my head has emerged from the block of polystyrene  where it currently resides as I am not thinking straight.

This afternoon sees the solicitor coming to do the probate stuff so that will be off my plate and dealt with at last. Tomorrow I am due to go to Shiona's and I hope I am feeling a bit better as I really don't fancy the drive.

Today is the shortest day of they year the winter solstice so console yourselves when the storm hits the days will be getting longer as we head to summer!!!!

ps problem resolved back on google no need to change just a different address to sign in under.
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