Wednesday morning

Good morning all. More cleaning got done with Denny to help it was a much nicer job.  The spare bed is now completely ready to go and I can make up the whole bed by just opening two vacuum bags. No struggling to find the sheets etc. I have also stored a spare set of towels. Boom instant bedroom!

I have been playing with the new iPad and trying to get to grips with Apple TV you do need a fairly sophisticated tv for it all to work. The headphones are great which means I can enjoy my music at a volume that suits me. Getting everything to talk to everything else is a bit of a challenge but I think we are getting there.  Everything defaults to using my Mac as its router so I have had to change all the settings to use the main router which is more powerful and runs constantly.  I only realised what was happening when I switched the computer off and the Apple TV started screaming it had no signal.

In the cooking department I have brined and cooked the tongue and will slice it once it is stone cold then I am going to serve it with a tuna sauce which I know sounds horrible but it is actually very delicious. A large green salad should complete the meal. Vitello tonnato is not usually done with tongue but I found a recipe for it so why not.  I usually do tongue hot with caper sauce so this will make a change and as the weather is still quite warm a cold meal will not be too out of place.

Elaine wants to go dog walking this morning which is good exercise for me so that will get me out bright and early then I need to swing by Aldi for some lemons, a lettuce and some toilet paper.  It is interesting the little lists that exist in your head as you notice things are getting low.  There is still work to be done on the front room but it is only minor stuff which will get done in the fullness of time.  I would gradually like to work my way round each room cleaning tidying and throwing away accumulated junk.  The less the stuff the less the mess and the cleaning.

This might make you laugh, I have already started translating in my head making sure I can explain some things, like what we do with the dogs on a shoot.  Now I will have to look up the Italian for cartridge/bullet, not a word I have ever needed until now. I think I can do the rest as I know dog pheasant and gun. According to the computer, a cartridge is a cartuccia but I need to check with a proper dictionary.  When I was younger and the weather started to warm up I used to dream in Italian as I guess it was a form of practice ready for the holidays and also making sure that what I had learned never left me.  Isn't it fascinating what your brain does all by itself?

With this warm weather, I must admit I don't feel in the least Christmasy.  Time is flying by and I am nowhere near prepared.  I have a big shopping list to do on Friday when I have breakfast with Sandie It is her birthday so we are going to treat ourselves to a massive breakfast and have a bit of a discussion about the holiday she is making progress with her passport application and I have the definitive list of places to eat in Trieste courtesy of one of my blogger friends who is a restaurant critic and writes a food blog.  She has put together a list with all the phone numbers addresses and opening times.  Aren't people kind?  We are hoping to meet face to face while I am out there so that will be a real treat. There is an Austro-Hungarian empire cafe in the main square where you can have coffee and apple strudel and sit and people watch, an ideal place to meet up.  

Now how civilised is this!!!

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