Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, another late start after a bit of an up and down night.  Yesterday's goose was delicious I used a recipe from  Raymond Blanc which required dismantling the bird so that the legs got much longer in the oven than the crown.  It worked really well as after lots of messing about it all came together in the end.  The carcass has been through the pressure cooker along with one of the packs of mirepoix so on the menu today is pasta and fagioli soup something gentle for the over stuffed bellies.  

The dogs were given some squeaky toys for Christmas but fortunately they destroyed them in under 5 minutes so they no longer squeaked.  The rawhide chews have fared a bit better Dan demolished his in no time but Tubby struggled as it was huge for him but give him his due he persevered with it and carried it around all day to make sure no one else got a look in. We always use this as an opportunity to reinforce the, "give it to me", command which allows us to take bones out of their mouths.  This is a safety command as if they get hold of something dangerous I can always take it off them. It is one of those things you forget but it is very useful in times of trouble like if you drop a fillet steak!!!!! and the "leave it" command fails.

Last night before I turned in I had a quick scan of my facebook page only to find a friend had had to have her elderly labrador put down.  She has posted some of the most heart wrenching poems so I sat on the edge of my bed and cried a few tears for my losses.  She says her heart is broken and I know just how that feels.  There are no words to ease the grief it is overwhelming she has no children so it is the equivalent of losing a child for her. Sadly this is the contract you make when you own a dog, in return for the years of unconditional love you must do the right thing at the end.  If only we could do the same for people we love instead of watching them rot.  I am very pro euthanasia I have seen too many people die in dreadful circumstances.  

Sorry for that bit of bad news but as you can imagine it has raked up lots of feelings which have been suppressed.  Poor Sandie has had bronchitis over the holidays so I have stayed away from the phone as talking makes her cough.  She should be on the mend by now so I will give her a call later.  I have not heard a word from Mike's family so they have confirmed their position and I now know I have been right all along and 39 years of hypocrisy is finally over. The claims that I am part of their family is ungulate excrement and always has been.

The new year is coming and it is going to be a very clean slate for me.  I am intending to make the most of it.  

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