Tuesday morning

Good morning all what a lot of fuss and parlava, for some reason best known to google it has decided  that I am no longer a blogger and keeps sending me to the welcome page. I have finally managed to get into the dashboard via safari.  Still haven't fixed the problem but I am fed up of going round in circles.

Yesterday, I managed to make the doggy biscuits and they are all packed up for my doggy friends.  I gave our two a biscuit that had broken and poor Dan wasn't sure what to do with it.  Tubby soon showed him it was edible and munched through his bit.  

I went to Tesco and decided to restock the medicine cabinet but of course you can't do that. They will only sell you certain bits then you have to go somewhere else for other bits.  What a pain.  Why are we all treated like morons just because there a few? My frustration is probably due to the fact that I do know what I am doing and would not take paracetamol with other concoctions containing it.  Anyway, I managed to lay in some day and night nurse in case of catastrophy over the holidays.  However, I couldn't buy the sinus stuff at the same time so I had to send James to another chemist to get that for me.  Some things are necessary to have standing by just in case.

Warning colouring books are addictive.  Once I start a picture I can't put it down until it is finished not conducive to getting things done.

Menu for today is some lovely veal chops which I will cook with lemon, rosemary and butter and serve with mash and courgettes.  Supper will be some meatballs with pasta and tomato.  I find the catering just before Christmas really difficult.  I don't want to over feed us before the big meal on the other hand we still have to eat.  Perhaps it should be compulsory pot noodles for the week before then you really would appreciate the meal.

I will cut this short as I have spent so much time trying to sort out the google problems.  What are you eating today?

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