Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, I had a wonderful day yesterday. Elaine came with me to Bluewater and the Apple shop where I spent a fortune.  It was lovely to shop without having to justify the purchases, that I wanted stuff was enough. The one thing I didn't get was a convenient dock. However, I am sure amazon will oblige.  

Needless to say, I have not done anymore cleaning but the bug is still there just on hold while I get to grips with this new tech.  My duvet for the new bed has arrived so it is my intention to make up the bed as in having the cover on the duvet then vacuum pack it ready so all I have to do is open it out and shake it and it will be ready to use. Well, that's the theory anyway.  

Denny is here so we are going to attack some of the cleaning together which will be much more fun than doing it alone.  

My mad shopping included an iPad pro with keyboard and pencil and an Apple TV and a pair of Bose headphones.  Don't ask the total cost it will make your eyes water. Suffice to say I am over the moon with it all and playing like mad getting it all functioning correctly.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to enter my eMail address and password before it will do anything but now we are all set up things are a bit easier.  The guys in the store transferred all my stuff from my old iPad to the new one.  Elaine has taken the old one off my hands but has insisted on paying for it - I have no idea what it is worth and frankly I am just happy that it has found a good home. 

Denny is here now so I had better get myself dressed and ready for work but not before I have had a second cup of coffee.
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