Tuesday Morning

Good morning all now all I have for you this cold morning is good news!!!  Gary came and we have decided to put the effluent pipe out of the front of the house to join our soil pipe from the bathroom.  Easy cheap and doesn't require digging up the patio.  Gary is keen to start the job as it an ideal one for the cold weather and better than being outside. So something for the new year.  While he was here we were changing a light bulb in the kitchen where they blow at regular intervals.  I was moaning that even when they do work they are all in the wrong place and I am always working in my own light. So who is going to get some fluorescent tubes so at last, I can see.  Ok so that solves a couple of niggles and I just can't wait.

Having chatted with Sandy about the Italy idea she was happy for me to go ahead and book it up. Well, have I got the deal of the century.  Flights from stanstead[only direct flight] with all the bells and whistles and insurance, extra bag and fast track through security.  A single room each at the hotel of our choice for 7 night including breakfast and all the usual free wi-fi and air conditioning and private bathroom.  Total cost PLEASE SIT DOWN, £500 per head so now we have until the end of May to gather some spending money.  Sandy's other half will be at home to dog sit and the boys will run us up to Stanstead and collect us.  

Between now and then I will have to do some serious research and locate the very best restaurants and I know just who I am going to ask.  One of the blogs I follow is written by a girl in Trieste and she is a restaurant critic.  I will be looking for authentic but not overpriced and she will be my first port of call.  I told Sandy not to worry about health things as I have a cousin who is a psychiatrist if she looses the plot and his wife is a GP.  

I am sooooo excited I can't tell you

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