Thursday morning

I had a really good day yesterday I was out at the crack of dawn with Elaine her new puppy and our dogs.  We walked as far as the paddling pool and of course my dogs were straight in splashing around like idiots the poor pup stood and looked on in wonder.  He was desperate to try but lacked just that little bit of courage so as his grandmother I gave him a small shove and in he went. Before you think I tried to drown the puppy the maximum depth of water in the pool is about two inches and I shoved him in the shallow end.  He is so excited he barks all the time so Tubby told him off a couple of times and he decided Dan was his dad and ran to him for approval.  I have watched children grow and believe me puppies are no different except the learn very fast so you have to be careful what you teach them.  I used my whistle with my dogs and Benji watched in awe as they did exactly what was required and how they got praised.  Good lesson!!!

Dog walking done, we hit Aldi I needed a lemon and came home with a trolley full.  I am afraid I couldn't resist a goose for £20 so that is sitting in my bulging freezer.  It will be an ideal bird for the three of us as goose doesn't go far it is like a duck all carcas and little meat.  It is, however, traditional British Christmas fare.  If you are feeding the five thousand then it is necessary to have a turkey.

I made the tongue with its tuna sauce and much to everyone's amazement it got demolished despite the cries of I don't like tongue.  The sauce is so good you could put it over cardboard and people would eat it.  The sauce is so simple it is just a tin of tuna, some capers, some mayonnaise three anchovies and some extra olive oil and lemon juice all blitzed into a creamy sauce.  It is a real crowd pleaser and it can be poured over almost anything.  From hard boiled eggs to leftover chicken or even the dreaded dried up leftover turkey breast.  If you leave it to sit in the sauce it can revitalise most things.

By the time all this had been accomplished I was poleaxed and fell into bed and slept like the dead until 4.30 when my cup of tea appeared.  Sometimes, the boys get it right!!!!  this morning the kitchen looks as if a bomb has exploded in there but it is mostly my fault so I can't complain.  

Today I have an appointment with a solicitor to sort out the land registry stuff I have decided that it is all just too complicated which I am sure is a ploy to get work for solicitors, after all, I can write exactly what is to happen in one sentence so why are 20 pages of forms needed?

House X owned as tenants in common by person A and B, person B died leaving his portion to person C, therefore, the registry needs to read house X now owned as tenants in common by person A plus C.  See just one sentence!!!!! why do they need my hat size and inside leg measurement!!!!! I hate to think how much they will charge me to do this very simple thing.  Instead of having everything translated into 20 languages perhaps they could spend some money simplifying the forms and writing them in English instead of legalese.  END OF RANT.

On today's menu, I am going to make some individual smoked salmon timbales which will be filled with a mixture of cream cheese and soft goats cheese, some flaked hot smoked salmon and some capers all in layers.  To be eaten with hot crusty bread and the ubiquitous salad.  Supper will be some Thai fish cakes with green beans and buttery potatoes.  You can always tell how I am feeling by the menu the more complex the happier I am when I am down it is simple stuff like beans on toast.

The decluttering is going quite well I got rid of an original oil painting which I hated to my neighbour who paints so he can use the canvas and the frame.  Better than going to the tip!!!!  I do prefer to find good homes for things if I can it is only as a last resort that they end up in the tip.

Well, time to get this show on the road and set to in the kitchen and clear up the mess from yesterday before I start making today's mess.

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