Thursday morning

Good morning all, what a busy day I had yesterday Elaine brought the puppy to visit and she had just taken him to the vet as he is very thin and not really eating well and like all new mums she is worried.  I hope it is just the trauma of being separated from his family that has caused him to be off his food.  I offered him a piece of cooked turkey leg but he was not interested but was fascinated that my dogs ate it all up.  Anyway, fingers cross it is nothing serious he is growing in height so maybe that is where his energy is going I know Dan got long and lanky as he grew up and is still very light weight but that is so much better than fat. Then shortly after they left Shiona arrived she had a look at the land registry forms and decided they were pretty incomprehensible so I will have to ring the land registry and get them to walk me through the forms.  That done we shot out to Aldi as she was out of chocolate [there is nothing worse than chocolate deprivation].  The Albanians gave her car the once over and for the princely sum of £10 it was left immaculate both inside and out. Then it was home for a roast chicken dinner which we had with roast parsnips and mash.  We cleared the rest of the furniture from the sitting-room and the men came and gave it the once over.  The furniture is scattered about the place while the carpet dried and it gives us lots of space to assemble the sofa when it arrives today. Then it will be a case of rebuilding the room but first I need to get in there with a bucket of soapy water and clean the skirting boards which are thick with dust where they have been hidden.  

We also had a look in the armoire where the silver items are now a lovely shade of black so there is a nice big job for me there.  When Mikes gran died he inherited a silver tea set which I hate. It is pretty useless after all who serves tea in silver these days.  Anyway, I rang Richard, who is still speaking to me, and asked him if he would like to have it back as it is a family heirloom. Now that the dust has settled I think the Mikes brother are genuinely in the dark as to why I was so upset.  Actually, I have no axe to grind with them it is the total lack of contact from my sisters-in-law which hurt my feelings after all you would expect women to understand just what sort hell I was going through and at the very least pick up the phone from time to time.  This I really don't understand, there is no way I would not contact them if I knew they were in the mire.

Anyway, time to get dressed the - too late the sofa is here now it is down to building, the sitting room is full of cardboard boxes but at least they got into the room with no problems.  I hope it is idiot proof assembly.  Perhaps I will leave it to the boys!!!!
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