Thursday moring

Good morning all, I had a lovely day with Shiona yesterday we took the dogs for a walk, no wrong we took the dogs for a mud bath.  The tide was out but that didn't stop them looking for it. We then left the four stinky muddy dogs in the car while we hit Aldi for a few comestibles.  The german lunch went down well but I still have a portion of braised cabbage which is going in the freezer today.  The meat arrived and we put all that into the freezer  I now have the ingredients to make an authentic Jamaican curry goat, which we will have to have with rice and peas.  I have veal kidneys to make with sherry and dijon mustard and veal sweetbreads to have in breadcrumbs.  Veal marrow bones to roast and spoon onto hot toast and a nice suckling pig joint with the porchetta herbs to have with crunchy roast potatoes cooked in duck fat. Do you think I am going to miss the turkey, no not a bit. Interestingly talking to my sister they have big turkey farms where she is in Italy and at this time of the year they export 15 tonnes of them to Norfolk.  So how many turkeys do you think will speak with an Italian accent?

After lunch, we attacked the sitting room and got the sofa sorted and also did a bit of upholstery to cover a footstool and gradually started to move the furniture back into the room.  I think it is going to look fine once I have given it a good clean.  I have two Lloyd loom chairs which were white but need a coat of paint.  I love them because they are comfy to sit in so Shiona came up with a suggestion which may well work.  I am going to ring up a car body workshop and ask them how much to spray paint the two chairs.  This will save me a lot of mucking about with spray cans in the garden. The decision will be purely on cost. Once I have the room in some sort of order I will take some photos to show you how it looks.

Today is parcel day I am waiting for the bedding for the sofa to arrive a kingsize duvet and all the bits which will be vacuum-packed and kept in the chaise-long part of the sofa so it can instantly be converted into a bed.  Without any fuss, it can also be a single bed as James tried it out and his 6-foot frame fitted perfectly. Isn't it lovely when a plan comes together? Once all this is done I have no excuse not to have a complete rationalisation of the household bedding.  Nor any excuse not to clean the whole room.  The windows have not been cleaned on the inside for at least a year but I am thrilled it no longer looks like a sideward. In the new year, this will be a fully functioning bijous hotel again and I can get back in the kitchen where I am happiest.  Today's lunch menu is a chicken and vegetable stir-fry.  The chicken skins will be rendered of their fat then crumbled on top.  As I am trying to find my place in the new family dynamic I am cooking just one good meal per day after that it is every man for himself.  This does have some drawbacks as ingredients disappear!!!! and I have to constantly readjust my plans. The bit of cream I have saved for a dish has vanished onto someone's cereal. Thank goodness I am an adaptable sort of person!!!! 

On that happy note, I will leave you and go and wash up the mess that is the kitchen, mea culpa, I am the one who left the mess.
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