Sunday morning

Good morning all, yesterday went according to plan.  Some cooking done the mushrooms are still waiting but look fine so no rush.
I have done the boys a favour for Christmas I have organised a solicitor to come and sort out the paper work so the boys will have a peaceful time minus the stressed formfiller, and I too can relax.  Having said that I have been awake for the whole night.  I dozed off quite early but soon woke then I was wide awake and getting back to sleep seemed impossible.  I hate it when that happens as it throws me completely off balance for the whole day.  As it is still quite early  I think I will try and get back to sleep. There is a Bolognese sauce waiting downstairs for the boys lunch so I don't need to worry about that. I  also did some beef burgers so they have a choice.   The mirepoix is done and ready to go in the freezer. I did four portions one went in the bolognese sauce the rest are spare. Now all I have to do is remember I have them.  I was not in the mood to finely dice the veg so I blitzed it to about the right consistency. Then sweated it down in a spoonful of duck fat so it should have a good flavour.
Today I think I will make the dogs their biscuit treats which will be Christmas presents for all our doggy friends.  I have a bone shaped cutter but I will need a jar of peanut butter.  Nice simple recipe just flour egg peanut butter and a splash of stock the baked until hard, so long and slow. I usually punch a hole to take a ribbon so they can be hung on the tree.
That is the plan but much will depend on if I can get some sleep now.
Have a good day all I expect you too have a few bits and bobs to get ready.  I will be taking the goose out to defrost on Christmas Eve and I will cook it on Boxing Day. There will be no left overs from our lunch so I have plans for other meals.

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