Sunday morning

Good morning all I had a good attempt at my list yesterday but actually failed to accomplish all that was on it.  First I had a failure with the silver cleaning I decided to do the easy way of aluminum foil hot water and bicarbonate of soda - well that failed miserably so I will just have to bite the bullet and polish properly.  Then came a laundry disaster - I'm sure you have all done this at some time - put tissues in the wash and manufactured fake snow.  Well I did it in a major way I must have picked up a load of tissues and put them through the wash now it looks as if we have had a snowfall in the dining room. Nothing the hoover won't cure but an added job. I did get the greenhouse watered with out incident.  I think I must have angered the God of housework and have been duly punished for my arrogance.  Anyway I did get a load of whites done and put to dry.  I made a pot or should I say bucket of minestrone soup it is impossible to make it in small quantities with just one of each vegetable you still end up with gallons.  Fortunately for me I had an errand of mercy to run. Margaret needed some drain unblocker so I jumped in the car and took her some and had a nice cup of tea and a chat for my trouble.  The traffic was crazy and when I looked at peoples faces all I saw was stress and worry as they madly dashed about trying to get stuff done.  Personally I think the commercialism of christmas has robbed us of some of the joy.  It is supposed to be fun not torture!!!  Anyway we have a rule this year no presents except for animals.  That doesn't sound right, I mean only the animals will be receiving presents.

I had a chat with Angela whose husband has just bought the new iPad pro so I wanted to know if it was all it was cracked up to be and she assured me he is over the moon with it.  He is profoundly deaf and I was surprised that he has an app which allows his mobile to communicate directly with his hearing aids how wonderful is that!!!!  He has also volunteered his services to a charity as a chef to feed the needy over christmas.  As we chatted she mentioned the difference in me and commented that I was a person she did not know!!!  I assured her she was not alone I too am learning who I am.  I actually have no idea who I am as I have been someone else since I married at 21 which is a very long time ago and took on the role of wife.

I got the majority of my list accomplished but there are still a few item to be completed.  There is a good portion of minestrone left so I thought I might convert it to a chorizo and potato type stew as there is only James and I at home today.  I had a bit of a rationalisation of the sheets for my bed while I was changing it now I need to do the same for the other beds. Then there are the towels I think I will syphon out a set of towels to be kept with the guest bedding.  Anything that is a bit scruffy can go to be dog towels.

Talking of the dogs you would have laughed if you saw them sitting like bookend hoping I might leave some of my soup.  They were very unimpressed especially Dan who doesn't do vegetables!!! so I can't palm them off with the left overs!!!


  1. Finish cleaning the silver [it sounds as if I have tons of it, not so, but it is all fiddly intricate stuff to clean] why has nobody come up with a silver cleaner that works in a dishwasher.
  2. Another load of laundry without tissues this time.
  3. Hoover up the snow storm I created yesterday.
  4. Give the bathroom a birthday after my shower.
I think that will probably do for today if I get these jobs done I will be pleased oh and the dogs need a walk and I have no potatoes.

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