Sunday morning

Good morning all, first a small rant I was thinking of checking the medicine cabinet as you can bet if you are going to go down with something it will be over the holidays.  Then I saw the adverts for magic pills which after you take them you are cured of colds and influenza and are free to go to work and share it with all your colleagues who can then take it home to their families. Is this just me or is this very wrong advice? Vulnerable people die from the flu. There is a big difference between a cold and flu.

Ok next I was doing some research into Flotex carpeting when I saw this can you believe it is carpet?

I love it but I don't think I would have the courage to do a whole floor especially in a large room.  I am just amazed at what they can do with laser printing.  I have had Flotex before and I know that it is totally indestructible.  Mind you my dining room floor often looks like this when the dogs bring in half the garden.

Yesterday I tackled the sofa and tried to put the covers on so this morning I can't move my shoulders much harder than I thought.  The cushions have to be left for 72 hours to re-fluff themselves so they are laying out on the floor doing just that.  I will get there in the end but it is not the five-minute job I thought it was going to be, flat packs never are.  I am eager to get it finished so I can measure it up and see what size bedding I need for it before I rationalise the sheet department.

Anyway, all that is on hold as I am having drain problems so finding the manhole is a priority especially as Gary is coming tomorrow to measure the levels.  I think it is beneath an inch of chipped slate so I will have to do a bit of shovelling to find it. Oh, happy days!!!!

I have also missed the first of the month chores like meter reading and checking the salt levels in the water softener etc so they too are on my list for today.  As for lunch that will have to wait and if it is a ham sandwich too bad.  I seem to be permanently behind with everything and constantly chasing my tail.  But just when you are losing the will to live something happens to brighten your day.  I received a parcel from my French friends containing a wonderful assortment of goodies all specialities of the area.  This mid-winter feast is going to be some blowout.  It might not be turkey but we will be spoiled for choice with the other goodies.

Well with so much on the to-do list I had better get a move on the one good thing is that it is lovely and sunny just the day for digging slate!!!!!

Have a good day and I hope you too are sharing in the lovely sun.
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