Good morning all.  I am trying to get my sleeping patterns back to some sort of normality but things just seem to be in chaos at the moment.  I woke as usual at 4am and decided to go back to sleep instead of getting up as I had had a night of nightmares would you believe I picked a fight with Gordon Ramsey in my dreams not smart! Anyway, I drifted back off to sleep and only woke up at 10am which is a bit on the late side.  It would be so nice if I could wake at a sensible hour.  I am completely off my antidepressants and I think it is playing havoc with the sleep.  Of course, it doesn't actually matter as it is not as if I have a job to go to but it does leave me muddle-headed for the rest of the day.

Don't ask about the sofa there has been no progress as none of us felt in the mood so I read the instruction manual from cover to cover and it doesn't look like it is going to be difficult.  I might start today by putting the covers on which I can do alone.  

I made an interesting meal yesterday I had a bit of leftover chicken from the roast which was not enough for a meal so I blitzed it with a bit of cream and some parmesan then spread the resulting paste onto very thin pancakes rolled them up then put them in the bottom of a soup bowl and filled it with the really wonderful stock/broth I had made.  Then for supper, I made a rainbow frittata  with one of each vegetable I could find, all in minute dice {brunoise} fried in some nice olive oil then covered with beaten eggs and cheese and shoved under the grill.  

I have put in an order for some exciting meats for our holiday period like suckling pig and veal kidneys. The last thing I did was look up recipes for such things no wonder I dreamt about Gordon Ramsey!!!!!

Anyway, the day is a wasting time to get my act together or there will be no lunch today.  Enjoy the sun shine we have buckets of it here.
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