Saturday morning

Sorry about the late start but my sinuses have been giving me a pretty rough time of late and I have not been sleeping too well so if I get the chance I take it.  The sun is shining brilliantly but with my new blackout curtains, it is very dark in my room.  All good for sleeping.  I had a lovely breakfast with Sandy yesterday morning and then proceeded to buy half the shop.  I bought panettone for all and sundry restocked the coffee and then got some nice bacon and sausages from the butcher along with a cow leg bone sawn in half for the dogs.  We have not seen hide nor hair of them since they are far too busy to talk to us. Tubby has discovered that if you throw the bone down the stairs it loosens the marrow but the noise is horrific.

I must admit that I find the days leading up to Christmas difficult to cater, however, I took a kilo of mince out of the freezer so that will be on today's menu in some form or another.  I could make burgers and/or bolognese, cottage pie, plain mince and potatoes or any number of other things.  This reminds me of my mum who always said most recipes start with 'first fry the onions'.  So that is where I will start.  I thought I would also make up some mirepoix of vegetables and freeze in small portions as it comes in really handy for a lot of savoury stuff and while I am peeling one onion I might just as well peel several.

Now I have a dilemma I bought some lovely porcini mushrooms for our Christmas lunch but I fear that they will not last until the day so I think I would be wise to fry them off now and keep them vac packed until the day.  While I was out yesterday the boys had a tidy up and dealt with a few outstanding bits that have been driving me mad so I am a very happy bunny this morning.  

I can't believe my misfortune with all the paperwork the thought of going back to the drawing board is just too much to bear. I am putting it on the back burner until after Christmas when I will take the whole lot to a solicitor and get them to do it for me. 

Well time I got the onions fried so I had better stop dribbling on and get on with the jobs that need to be done.

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