Monday morning

Good morning all, yesterday was a bit of a wash out as I was never quite up to speed after a sleepless night. I ended up just pfaffing around for most of the day and couldn't quite settle to anything in particular.  I had intended to make the doggy biscuits but never quite got round to it.  The ingredients are still sitting on the side awaiting my attention. The one thing that did take my attention was a colouring program on the new iPad.  The pencil is so accurate it is unbelievable and that it charges in 30 seconds is also mind blowing. 

This is one of my time wasters that I did yesterday by way of practice as you can see I have gone mad with the colours. It takes the place of knitting while watching TV but at least it doesn't make a mess.

Today I need to get my act together and do the final odd bits of shopping then I think I am done the house if full of food the freezer is full and I think we could survive several months of siege.  Why do we do it? it is just a couple of days but the feeling that you need to be prepared for all eventualities seems to be ingrained from the days when the shops were shut for some time, not just one day. Actually, I wonder if it goes back further in our history this celebration is the last of the good stuff for the year before you hit the lean period until spring brings fresh rations. Can you imagine the joy when the hens start laying again and you have fresh eggs?  In some ways, we have lost some of the joys of seasonal food as everything seems to be available all year round.   My internal body clock still wants to be seasonal and the spring makes me want to plant like mad then autumn is the time to make preserves to see us through the winter months.  I'm afraid I have not yet evolved enough for the way things are now. I have a cupboard full of preserves that none of us wants to eat as we are not into sweet things, I think this autumn it will have to be pickles, not jams that I make.  

I need to have a sort through the paperwork as the solicitor is coming on Wednesday so I need to get all the bits sorted into some type of order. You have no idea how happy this makes me as it has been hanging over me like the sword of Damocles for some time now.  It would have been really helpful it the advice I got had been accurate however this should see the buck passed on.  I will stick to making dog biscuits!!!!

Have a good day all and I hope you have little left to do and can catch your breath before you need to be on sparkling form.  I can't tell you how many Christmas dinners I have cooked with a roaring temperature.  Not to be recommended...... 

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