Monday morning

Good morning all, yesterday saw me at the cleaning.  What takes two seconds to write on the to-do list takes hours of elbow grease.   I'm not there yet but I am making progress.  The whole house looks cleaner if the shiny things are shiny.
The brass fire surround was black and really took some cleaning but it does look good now it is done.
Silverware is done and most of the copper and brass.  Glass now all needs a wash as do the skirting board all of which have been inaccessible for quite some time.

I suppose this is really spring cleaning but a bit early.  I also did a couple of loads of laundry and the ironing so I feel pretty good about myself.  Anyway, I am going to keep going while the force is with me. This morning, of course, I have found muscles I didn't know I had.

Ok so now you are saying what a good girl but you would be wrong I forgot to eat at all yesterday and finally had a bowl of soup at 1am not because I was hungry but because I knew I should.  Do you think I could make a fortune writing a diet book called "Forget to eat and work instead" it would be really easy to write, a sheet of A4 would do fine?

Today I have a list of phone calls to do first  as I am still having paperwork problems then the question  is do I go to Bluewater or do I continue with the cleaning.  My head says keep cleaning as I know if I get a new toy I will do nothing for days while I play with it. My heart says go and get the new toy this is where I need a sensible adult but sadly there are none around. Apparently, I am the sensible adult!!!! The Bluewater jaunt would be easy as I know exactly where to park so I can access the Apple store without having to trawl right around the whole shopping centre. This is me rationalising why getting the toy is the better deal. The cleaning will wait after all it has been dormant for a year so why rush it now.  The house looks a mess anyway with stuff everywhere in the process of being dealt with.  Once I have got the stuff clean I can then make sensible choices of what to keep and what to get rid of.  The charity shops are going to do really well out of me this year.  

I took a veal tongue out of the freezer last night so this morning I need to make a brine to soak it in. By the way, I tip left over brine onto the patio as it kills the weeds. I have a small plastic bucket with a lid which is ideal for this purpose.  Then another dilemma, I ironed a load of pillow cases which are badly discoloured so the dilemma is, do I spend ages trying to get them white again or do I just get rid of them.  I have a shrewd suspicion that if I spend ages boiling bleaching and the like I will still end up using them for dusters some things are just not worth the effort. Decision made 10 new snowy white pillow cases for £23 posted to my door.  How much would it have cost me in cleaning products and gas or electricity to renovate the old ones?  I have a wonderful ability to rationalise spending money to save money!!!!!!

Have a good day all and I hope your preparations for the festive season are on track.
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