Monday morning

Good morning all, I worked quite hard yesterday to catch up with all those niggling outstanding jobs.  I seem to be a bit livelier now that I am no longer on the pills and no panic attacks so I am hoping that it is a thing of the past now that the stress levels are much reduced.  However, the family dynamic is somewhat changed from my perspective I am not quite sure how I fit in.  At the moment I feel I am running the whole show but I would like to pass on some of the responsibility to the men.  I don't want to be a nag and constantly ask for things to be done on the other hand things I find important the men do not.  I think a family meeting is called for so we can air things from all angles and hopefully find a nice middle ground that suits us all. 

Gary is coming this morning to check the levels and I found the manhole buried under lots of slate but after a bit of shovelling, it is now exposed.  I sorted out all the first of the month stuff like meter readings and dogs ears.  All the banking is up to date.  One load of laundry on and done and I made a rather nice vegetable curry for supper last night a portion of which is still left.  I'm not sure what the dogs will make of it if I give it to them for their breakfast.  Dan doesn't do vegetables [fuss pot].

Last night I sat and tidied my jewellery box, yes a very small job but one that still needed doing.  I sorted out good from costume and got rid of single earrings whose partners have long gone and gathered some bits I really should get rid of as I don't ever wear them.  Next job will be to rationalise handbags I don't have many as I hate the things I prefer pockets but sometimes you do need one.  For me, a handbag should be big enough to carry your wallet, phone, car keys, a comb and a lipstick and a swiss army knife.  When I empty my bags you cannot imagine all the crud I carry around no wonder I don't like bags.

When and if we punch a door through to the garage I will lose a bookcase which has most of my cookery books; not quite sure what to do with them.  One of the things I am looking forward to having is somewhere to store vases most of which are out and about gathering dust.  I also went out to the freezer late last night and got really frozen myself while searching for something.  It would be such a  pleasure to go to the freezer and not get frozen in the process.

I have come to the conclusion that men don't see dust or cobwebs sadly I do.

I think I might have persuaded Sandy to come with me to Trieste in May next year just for a few days and I have been busy researching hotels and flights and public transport etc as well as building a sort of itinerary of things to do.  She doesn't do shopping and neither do I so it will be sightseeing and eating.

Not a bad main square with two of the most famous cafes, dating back to the AustroHungarian times where you must have coffee and cake even if you do need an overdraught.
Then of course,

there is Miramare castle all in lovely white marble and set in acres of gardens.  It was built for Maria Teresa and was where she quietly went mad waiting for her husband to return from Mexico where he had been assassinated.

Then there is Redipuglia one of the good things Mussolini did he had all the skeletal remains from several wars buried beneath a huge staircase which is visible for miles.

This is David and Jackie stood by one of the steps David is 6'6" tall

Anyway I could prattle on forever with ideas of what to see and do but half the fun is in the planning

Have a good day all it is jolly chilly here at the moment must get dressed before I freeze.

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