Friday Morning

Good morning all sorry to be so late again but my sleeping patterns are still all over the place.  I had a bad day with my chest yesterday I have come to the conclusion that I am allergic to dusting or maybe it is just housework!!!

The sofa bed is now in position and looking none too bad the colour matches that in the rug and the green colour is picked up in the cushions of the Lloyd loom chairs which you cannot see from this angle. The wastepaper basket is strategically placed to cover an irreparable bleached spot on the carpet.  As yet I am awaiting the arrival of the duvet but the cover has arrived and that too matches the colour scheme.

As the room is all muted colours I can afford to go mad with the bedding.  Now all I need is a willing volunteer to try it out.

There is still plenty to do to finish the room but that is now all cleaning jobs.  I was sitting in there waiting for a parcel to be delivered when the phone rang and I had to jump up and charge into the dining room to answer it.  I then remembered that when we thought we were moving I bought a phone with four handsets so I broke them out and of course spent the next few hours reprogramming the phones.  There is now one in the sitting room, one in the dining room, one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom.  This means that when the phone rings it sounds like I have a brass band in the house anyway, we will have to see how it works and we can always disconnect a phone we don't need or use.  I think the one in the kitchen may well end up in the utility room once that is done. The phones can be used as intercoms but I will have to learn how to do that which means reading the manual😱😱😱.  

I have received another demand for repayment of money that Mike received I am sorely tempted to return the money together with a bill for 24-hour nursing care for 5 years which I saved the government/NHS.  The paltry £50 that they want would pale into insignificance against the bill.  It just makes me mad that they are so quick to reclaim and so slow to pay what they owe.  It is always the same anything that is going up, goes up from midnight on the day and anything you are to receive will come next October. Well, guess what I too can be really slow!!!! it could take ages to get the money from the executor of the estate. Oh, that is me, I had better send myself a letter.  They might be lucky to receive the money by next Christmas.  This is fighting talk I must be feeling more myself.

While I am on my soap box I am sick to death of all the advertising to give money to save the donkeys, bears, dogs, leopards and now orcas or do you give money to give children food, water and blankets or do you give to the old  lonely  and homeless at Christmas.  They all want your money and who do you support? it is just an added stress I could well do without.  I know the world is sh*t but I am fed up of having my nose rubbed in it. I am really sorry for all but it is not my fault and I just feel guilty. If you want a permanent guilt complex can I recommend a convent education?  END OF RANT.

As I am up so late today's lunch is going to be something very simple like pasta and meatballs and salad.  It is sunny and warm here at the moment lets hope it stays that way until the snowfall for Christmas day though perhaps not 2 meters.
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