Friday morning

Good morning all, what happened to yesterday - I forgot - I got stuck into a job first thing then completely forgot I hadn't written a word. Things are a bit higgledy piglety here at the moment Denzil is back working shift and in the spirit of no good deed going un punished he picked up a motorcyclist who had skidded and fallen off his bike so Denzil picked him up and took him home as he was uninjured but shocked.  Good deed done, then when he arrived home at midnight he found he had come home with the van keys in his pocket and had to drive back to hand them in as today he is day off.

I placed an order with the alternative meat company and it has arrived at 8am which is amazing good job we were all up.  They are quite expensive as a company but they are a good source of unusual things that are difficult to get from the butcher.  I have ordered some ox kidney as I have intentions  of making a steak and kidney pie at some point and in my humble opinion you cannot beat ox kidney for the dish.  I also ordered some more of their black pudding which is the best I have ever found.  It is not something we eat regularly but when we do it is nice to have some really good quality.  

Today James car is going in for its MOT so fingers crossed it doesn't turn out to be an expensive hobby.  I am holding fire until we know what the score is before I book a hair appointment.  I am having my nails done at lunch time which will be a treat as they have made it through christmas but are now looking tatty.

The cleaning fairy is still with me so I made a few more shiny things shiny and boy does it make a difference.  I finally got round to putting some polish on the furniture in the front room and dusted all the nooks and crannies.  The boys think I am stupid but it does please me to see things looking nice.  I have a goose liver in the fridge which has been there for a while so rather than make a pate for us I think it will end up as liver cake for the dogs it seems a pity but there is no point in cooking dished no one wants to eat.  I know the dogs will appreciate my efforts they go crazy for liver cake.  

Well thats about it for today so I had better go and get dressed before I freeze to death in my dressing gown.  Have a good day all and stay warm it is perishingly cold out there.
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