Friday Morning

Good morning all well here we are at the final run in.  Today I have a load of washing I want to get done and out of the way and a quick blitz through the house which is a bit of tip at present.  

I drove over to Shiona's yesterday despite feeling pretty dreadful however she fed me some absolutely delicious cheese for lunch with bruschette with tomato just what I needed small quantity of top quality.  By the time I got home I was good for nothing and took to my bed.  I feel better this morning but then again I do every morning it is only as the day wears on that  I go down hill. If this misery persist into the new year I will make an appointment to see the doctor.  In the meantime I am going to keep going as best I can after all it isn't life threatening just a bloody nuisance.  The good thing is I can throw in the towel any time I feel like it.  I try to get most of the work done in the morning before I turn into a pumpkin.

I have been plotting and planning in my mind how this conversion of the garage is going to go and where I want things to be.  The first job will be a skip as the garage is full of stuff we will never use as is the potting shed so if I can get them cleared out into the skip I will have room to put the stuff I do want to keep.  It will also be a golden opportunity to dump stuff from the house as well.  Actually I think this quiet christmas is going to be a blessing as I will have time to get to grips with some of the tidying that needs to be done.  The filing cabinet is a disaster area that needs going through and making sense of.  My wardrobe is still waiting as is the airing cupboard. My catering plans are all very simple so no hours in the kitchen.  Today I fancy making curry goat and as I have all the ingredients it should be a simple task.  First fry the onions!!!!! I have both goat and mutton and the two should mix well. However they are both in the freezer so out I go and get them in then a bit of microwaving and I should be able to start.  Denzil tops up the freezer but I often have no idea what he has added - we need a new system to avoid confusion.  

Since Denzils return my keyboard has had to go in the loft however, I think I might have room for it in the front room if I get a stand for it.  We will have to see but I would then be able to shut myself away and play as badly as I like.  The keyboard has a headphone jack, but it does need a place to live.
As you will gather me head is full of plans and ideas but I need to approach them with care and one at a time or I will disappear up my fundamental orifice.  

I am hoping Elaine is going to visit me this morning which will save me a trip to deliver her panettone and the doggy biscuits.  She is an early riser so I had better get my act together or I will still be scribbling when she arrives.  Of to the freezer first!!!!!

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