Friday morning

Good morning all, yesterday was not so good firstly the boy and I had a massive row which after some blood letting turned out to be a huge misunderstanding so not a disaster and a good air-clearing session.  This was bound to happen and we have all been expecting it but fortunately, as we are all adults we managed to get things straightened out.  What I took to be them piddling on my parade was in fact, their slightly clumsy way of trying to slow me down and stop me from trying to catch up on years of house neglect before Christmas and killing myself in the process.  Just to put the tin lid on things I saw the solicitor yesterday regarding the land registry stuff and his first comment were you will have to apply for probate first.   Up until now, everyone [banks etc] has advised me that it was not necessary so having shredded the forms I will now have to go back to the drawing board and redo them all.  So, on the boy's advice, I am going to throw the whole lot into a solicitors hands and let them pick the bones out of it and damn the expense.  I have enough to do without all that as well.

Sorry, I can't dawdle this morning as I am off to meet Sandy for breakfast and shopping.  It is her birthday so breakfast will be on me.  Happy days!!!!
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