Friday morning

Good morning all sorry to be late again but I do have a valid excuse James went out at 2am who knows what for but Dan sat on the stairs and howled the walls down.  So I had to get up and quieten him down as when he howls the whole road can hear him I am sure. Howling is meant to carry and boy does it.
Now on to the saga of the sofa, it arrived bright and early in 5 boxes so not that complex but once I had stripped off the cardboard and polyethene I was left with an assortment of bits and a book of instructions which is an inch thick.  The very first instruction is that one person cannot assemble it it takes three.  So today is the day as Denzil is a day off we are all here so hopefully we can get it together today and then start rearranging the furniture so it looks less like the council tip and more like a house.  As it happened Sandy was in the area so she popped in for coffee, Oh I do like this my friends feel able to come and see me without having to run the gauntlet of Mike in bad mood.

This is the before let's hope the after looks a bit better

While Sandy was here I had a delve into a cupboard which has been blocked with an armchair for years and low and behold what did I find yes two more complete canteens of cutlery which I had completely forgotten about so she has taken one for her Christmas lunch as she has guests.  She is also a keen photographer so I gave her Mikes Nikon digital SLR and a video camera which was just gathering dust. The instructions were to have fun with it and then put it in her bin as the second-hand value of these items is zero.  With all the curfuffle we didn't have lunch until 3pm so nobody wanted supper [nice and easy].

In the interest of family harmony I screwed up my courage and rang David to wish him a happy birthday - it also gave us an opportunity to chat over what had caused the rift and that both parties were hurt and things had been said which were probably best left unsaid.  Anyway, I hope the air is cleared somewhat.  I did remind them that the Mike they knew as a brother was not the Mike I lived with and they got treated to his best behaviour but once they left I caught it in the neck for letting them know.  I was caught between a rock and hard place, did I go with Mikes wishes or the needs of the family.  As usual, I tried to steer a central path which only ended up with everyone upset. Anyway, I hope I have mended a few fences.  People are so complicated no wonder I prefer dogs who are completely honest at all times and any indiscretion can be fixed with a biscuit or a head in the lap.
Of Dan sees me unhappy he just puts his head in my lap and looks at me with his with eyes that see into your soul. Is this anthropomorphism, probably, but I am happy believing it.  which reminds me I have signed up to the Edinburgh university animal behaviour course and also a short course on conflict resolution both of which I think I will enjoy.

On that happy note, it is time to start building!!!!! have a good day all.

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