Christmas Eve

Yes I have been playing with the colouring program again. It struck me that the initial patterns would make ideal transfers for embroidery as there are hundreds to choose from.  Anyway, yesterday I took the dogs out with Elaine but I was fading into the west so after the exchange of doggy gifts I put myself back to bed.  The boys kept me fed, watered and medicated and I must say I feel much better this morning having slept for most of yesterday.  The curry goat is sitting in the slow cooker ready for lunch when Denzil gets back from work all I have to do is the rice and peas.

The most important job today is to get the stuff out of the freezer for tomorrow.   I need to be careful of  doing too much just because I feel better.  I think gentle pottering is in order fortunately I don't have to prepare for the hoards so I can take it easy.  I might get the laundry on that I failed to do yesterday but that is last on the list. Today is the first day in a fortnight that I have woken without a headache and dripping nose.  Let's hope the worst is over.  No one but me is surprised that I have hit the buffers given the circumstances.  My friends have all been waiting and watching for the crash. Mentally I have felt fine but my body is complaining sadly I am no longer 20 apparently!!!!Who knew!!!

In some respects it is good to get it all over with then I can start the new year with a clean slate and put all the family chaos behind me.  I still have Mike's grandmothers silver tea set which Richard was going to collect but as I haven't heard anything from him I will parcel it all up and send it to him in the post.

The sitting-room is habitable now though there are still a couple of bits that need sorting out, I think I need to sort out some of the ornaments I have which are not only unnecessary and I have nowhere to put them, so a thinning out job is needed.  There is a limit to what you can put on a mantelpiece without it looking like a junk shop.  It is my intention to have a bit of a tidy up over the holidays while the world is quiet.  The filing cabinet is a disaster area where I have instruction manuals and guarantees for stuff I threw away years ago.  It will please me to make some sense of it all and help me sort out all the paperwork that is liberally scattered around the place.  I am not a neat freak but I also can't stand chaos as it only creates work.

One of my favourite carols which will be blasting out tomorrow morning as I drink my coffee and dunk my panettone.

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