Good morning all yes it is here at last.  My house is filled with christmas carols at volumes to suit me rather than the neighbours who seem to be away so I am not causing problems. Hot coffee is flowing and panettone is being dunked, the dogs are out for their walk before they get to open their presents Then the mayhem will begin - now this is the kind of chaos I love knee deep in wrapping paper and it doesn't matter.

Everything is standing by ready so all I have to do is turn a few knobs.  For a few hours there is not a stitch of dirty laundry and today the dishwasher is going to earn its keep.

I have taken a moment to think of all those who are not having a good time and sadness fills my heart for all the destitute, sick, lonely or those in war torn areas.  I can only hope that my trifling donations bring some light to someones life.  Today reminds me just how lucky I am, I have everything I could possibly need or want.  My memory runs back over the christmases of childhood wouldn't it be wonderful to recapture those feelings, growing old is compulsory but growing up is optional!!!!!

Have a wonderful day, may all your culinary delights turn out well, no soggy bottoms in sight a moist turkey and happy people around the groaning table stuffing their faces while wearing silly hats.  Wouldn't a good dousing of snow just complete the picture?

I am send loving vibes to all I hope you can feel the little corner of warmth coming from me.
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