Wenesday morning

Good morning all, today is the first day of a new and different life.  Now I need to take my time to readjust and not go at it like a bull at a gate.  I have an appointment at the solicitors at 10am to pick up the will and then I can start making tracks with some of the paperwork.  Having just spent a fortune on some new inks my printer has now gone on strike.

Yesterday went according to plan and from my perspective the ceremony went very well however it was quite clear that Mikes family were not so pleased and pointedly avoided the boys.  I have three sisters in law and not one of them ever picked up the phone to see how we were.  By contrast, Elaine rang me every single day since Mike died just to check on me.  Henry and Angela drove up from Bristol to be with me for which I am deeply grateful it is a hell of a journey.  The locals who came back for bacon butties and coffee not to mention the odd bottle of red were a delight.  I was banished from the kitchen and Shiona manned the stove, Sandy and the boys kept the drinks coming and Angela did "front of house", and ensured everyone was served.  I count myself a very lucky person to have such a group of truly good friends.

I was a little worried that Dan would go into a terminal decline with so many strangers in the house but he behaved impeccably and once he discovered there were people who couldn't resist his big soppy eyes and were willing to part with the crust of their sandwiches he worked the room like a pro. Tubby too decided it was a party and a good opportunity get some extras. Once everyone had left I crashed out and I think I slept about 12 hours I think I was completely out of gas.

There is virtually no clearing up to do as the fairies tidied up.  

So here goes a new and different life!!!

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