Wednesday morning

Good morning all, everything has changed on the site so it has taken me a while to find out how it is now functioning.  Personally, I don't think it is an improvement.  Yesterday morning I successfully managed to freeze myself to the marrow fiddling on the computer and in the end there was nothing for it but a hot bath to rewarm myself.  All is quiet in the garden this morning no thrashing rain or gales it just looks a bit sorry for itself.  I took the plunge yesterday and ordered the sofa bed which now forces me to get on and ditch the current suite and get the room sorted out.  

I went ahead and made chips to go with our steak lunch.  It is ages since I made actual chips not wedges in the oven.  I had forgotten how long they actually take to brown.  I did the first  cook in water then left them to steam and dry off before dunking them in hot oil.  They were delicious as I made them rather chunky and were just right to go with steak, egg and wild mushrooms.  Today's menu is still in the lap of the gods but I no longer feel under so much pressure if I cook nothing it would not matter as we are all capable of feeding ourselves and if we choose to eat bowls of cereal so be it.

Emotionally I am having good and bad days as expected but with the responsibility lifted off my shoulders, it is much easier to cope with.  Elaine is in constant contact with updates on her puppy and I seem to be the fount of all knowledge when it comes to dogs.  The hardest thing is to remember that this dog is not going to stay a bundle of fluff for long and rules made now need to take that into account.  Anyway, she is popping in for coffee this morning so no doubt I will get a further update.

I have been catching up with my sister and now that I am aware of the circumstances, her phone call to me is even more important and shows my sisters in law in an even worse light.  Protestations of love and affection mean nothing when they are devoid of any action they are just fake. You, my blog friends, gave more support through the tough times and I never felt abandoned and still don't so thank you.

Ok time to close before I freeze myself to death and have to soak in hot water to revive myself.  Have a good day all......

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