Wednesday Morning

Good morning all.  A bit later this morning I was awake at 4 when next doors dogs had a barking session.  I would have liked to go back to sleep but nothing doing.  Denzil left for work at 5.30 so I stayed out of the way and came down once he had gone.  It is raining this morning so it was just as well that I cleared up the garden yesterday while the weather was fine.  The bed is on the drive ready for the council dustmen and the three piece suite is photographed and put up on freecycle.  Now all I have to hope is that someone with a van would like to have it. If that fails then it will go out for the bin men.  Once I have dealt with that I can then start to think how I would like to sort out the room.  

I got as far as printing off the correct forms for probate after I had a chat with a very helpful young man at the probate office who agreed it would be better to fill them in even though it is not necessary. 
However, before I got stuck in I got a call from my friends Len and Margaret to let me know that his daughter had just died in America where she had been suffering from pancreatitis.  She was only 50 what a tragedy.  It certainly brings you up short when you are feeling sorry for yourself there is always someone who is worse off than you.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to loose a child. Margaret is a strong roman catholic and had a mass said for Mike now she will have to have another for her daughter in law.  I sometimes envy people with strong religious beliefs as it must be some comfort at times like this.

On a lighter note, I finally got round to making the shepherds pie yesterday and it fed the three of us for both meals as I also had a tray of roasted roots to accompany it.  No one seems to have any appetite at the moment including the four-footed friends who are off their food too.  They are very sensitive to distress in the family and Dan has taken to coming and sitting on my bed with me or just dumping his head in my lap and looking at me.  I know it is anthropomorphism but I feel he is checking to see if I am alright.  

Shiona is off up to Scotland today I do hope the drive is not too awful as I believe the weather is quite nasty up there.  Sandie will be out getting soaked picking up at the shoot.  Her little dog, Luke, was apparently a star at the last shoot bringing Sandie back 12 pheasants on one drive.  That is approximately 12 kilos or 2 stone in old money.  Quite a weight for one elderly lady to carry across a ploughed field.  I have yet to see anything phase Sandie!!! Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if I can get Dan up to running speed we could be two old ladies trudging through the mud.  You come home filthy and knackered but happy.  Yes, you do get paid but who in their right minds would spend a day getting soaked for £30 if they didn't enjoy it.  The last shoots of the season are at the end of January and last year I took Dan for a trial run so I may well do the same this year if they will have us.

Today is house cleaning day so I had better go and sort out the kitchen before the wonderful Denny arrives.  I am going to make a ratatouille today but if no one fancies it it can go in the freezer but at least it will have used up some of my excess vegetables.  Have a good day all whatever you have planned.

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