Wednesday morning

Good morning all well yesterday was a better day I finally managed to get the death registered which can you believe took ages because their computers were down and they had to do everything manually.  Good job I left plenty of time between that and the appointment with the undertakers. Everything is now arranged for Tuesday next week the crematorium was booked solid so time slots were at a premium.  Anyway, all done and dusted so now it is just the mountain of paperwork to sort through, but that can wait.  Sandie dropped by and being a real gem she brought me a fish pie made that morning so I can either eat it or freeze it.  

Today I have hoards coming, Denny is due and Shiona and Elaine are coming to help me clear out the front room. There will be loads to take to the tip and to charity shops and I think I may have found a charity who will take the furniture. The humanist lady is due at 3pm to discuss the service.  I got some lamb mince out of the freezer so my first job is to make a big shepherds pie for the workers.  Elaine has made me an appointment to have my nails done on Friday which will be a lovely treat and an opportunity to sit and be pampered and not think about all the outstanding things left to do. My mind is racing and I don't where the off switch is!!!!!

I think I may send James out to get some printer ink as I have lots of forms to print off and the printer is whinging, he also needs a pair of dark trousers.

Well, that is the plan for the day I have more help than I know what to do with everyone has been so kind and understanding.

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