Tuesday morning

Good morning all, now you all know what a clothes horse I am, look what Diane has bought herself.

How could I resist

Very chilly this morning the first frost has coated the car and the suite which is on the drive but the garden is clear and the thermometer is reading below zero.  The house looks naked without the suite but I am glad to see the back of it.  Actually, the house has been cluttered for so long perhaps it just looks tidier.  The carpet is being done tomorrow afternoon and the sofa arrives on Thursday so everything has gone according to plan.  Of course what I had forgotten is that the wonderful Denny is due today she has gone back to coming on Tuesday instead of Wednesday but fortunately I was up to let her in.

I got a chicken out of the freezer last night and thought I would roast it for lunch today but actually James is going out so I don't know if I had better put it off until tomorrow when Shiona is here.  I am looking forward to the broth from the carcass which I will serve with some very thin pancakes filled with grated parmesan rolled up and laid in the bottom of the bowl before adding the hot broth.  A bit like chicken noodle soup but with pancake instead of pasta.

Well, I had better not hang around as everything is going on around me and I am getting cold sitting in my dressing gown so off to get dressed then I think I need a major shop we have grazed our way through all the easily eaten food now it is time to get cooking again.  I like winter for cooking as it is the time for slow stews and heartwarming food.  

Anyway, have a good day all what is the weather like your way?
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