Tuesday morning

Good morning all it is raining cats and dogs here and blowing a gale not a very pleasant start to the day.  Yesterday was a fairly quiet day for some unknown reason I felt very tired and sleepy.  We did get a visit from Benji the new puppy in the spirit of socialisation Elaine brought him around while she had a coffee with us the dogs introduced themselves.  Tubby was a bit boisterous and Dan was scared but they soon settled down.  I made a start on the forms but lost the will to live after I had written my name, address, telephone number, hat size and inside leg measurement a dozen times. At least they are questions I can answer but there are plenty that don't make any real sense to me. I think I might wait for Shiona's assistance as she speaks legalese and I don't.  However, I am not sure when she is due back from Scotland.  In the meantime, I will get on with sorting out the sitting room.  I need to get the boys to throw out the three piece suite and book the council to collect it. Once that is done I can get the carpet shampooed and then order the sofa bed.  I will be happy when that is done as I can then have friends to stay.  This is a golden opportunity to have a grand clear out and rationalise things like sheets and towel which we have in abundance. I still have a double wardrobe full of Mikes clothes which need to go to the charity shop.

Food yesterday was a bit hit and miss Denzil did us some nice ravioli for lunch and we all foraged for supper.  Today I have some steak out for lunch and I fancy chips and eggs to go with it.  Not the healthiest of meals but it is what I fancy.  Like my sleep my appetite comes and goes some days I am hungry and others I just don't want anything.  I'm sure things will settle down in time but we are all still a bit up in the air at the moment.  Of course, everything is geared towards Christmas and we are bombarded with special offers and the shops are full of stuff I don't want.  As yet we haven't made any decision as to what we are going to eat over the holidays but I think it is about time I made up my mind and made a list.  I thought I might make a big load of bubble and squeak as that always goes down well with the leftovers and freezes well.

Well, that is the sort of plan for the day so I had better go and make a start on something!!!!!
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