Tuesday Morning

Good morning all - well it is just morning 3am and I am wide awake as you can imagine my sleep patterns, which were never very good, have slightly gone to hell.  However, it is not a problem as I can sleep whenever I want to.  I had my alarm set for every 2 hours through the night but that has been switched off though not apparently in my head.

James had a rough day yesterday all that has happened has stirred up emotions for him too, Denzil's buddhist leanings means he is better able to let things roll over him. I envy him his ability to roll with the punches.  

I had a lovely breakfast with Sandie and restrained myself when it came to shopping the only vegetable I bought was a nice aubergine and a £1 bag of tomatoes.  Now I will be set with all the ingredients to make a ratatouille.  I couldn't resist some veal chops and also some lovely venison mince.  None of us felt like our sunday lunch so the roast lamb will become a shepherds pie today and go in the freezer until we are a bit more settled.  Having eaten a full breakfast, it wasn't until late evening that I felt hungry and went on a fridge raid.  I devoured a small jar of kimchi with a couple of cold chipolatas.  However, I did accomplish something useful and the mattress is being taken away early tomorrow morning.  

Today I am going to get stuck into the the probate forms even though the bank said I do not actually need to do them, it can apparently have ramifications further down the line if they are not done. Then I will need to notify the land registry of the change of circumstances. Once that is done I think it will just be a case of sitting back and waiting for the finances to settle.  Then I can go ahead with the planned changes.  Denzil is going to photograph the suite and then it can go on gum tree or some such and hopefully might help some youngsters who are setting up home. Once I have organised a sofa bed we will, at last, be able to have friends round again.  The glazed lounge door will need replacing so anyone staying will have some privacy.  First things first I will get the carpet professionally cleaned and hope I don't actually have to replace it. The dining room takes the most foot fall and that really could do with replacing.

I was looking at some readership details yesterday as there has been quite a surge of late.  I never usually bother checking to see who is reading but the site meter gives me all the details down to the screen resolution, ip address and map location not to mention how many pages and a what times they are read.   Apparently I have quite a few lurkers in Russia and the USA as well as those of you in the UK who place comments and are therefore not lurkers.  

Thank you for all your encouraging remarks after my minor explosion yesterday - pouring petrol on bonfires is not smart.  However, I feel better for having let rip and you may now understand why my close friends have been keeping an eye on me as those in the know were afraid I would fall on my face. My French trip was a saving grace as it gave me just enough rest to face the final mile. I must thank all those who pushed me to take a break. Nursing the dying is never easy but much harder when they are close to you.  Talking of nursing I have a few health issues of my own which I can now take care of.  

Well onward and upward it is warm here, in double figures, however we have had lots of rain.  Lets hope today is dry and sunny for all of us.

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