Tuesday morning

Good morning all, well we have movement, at last, we finally got a death certificate at 3pm but the registrar closes at 4 so I have booked an appointment for 10.30 this morning by which time I should also have the cremation certificate, or what is known in the trade as the 'ash cash' as doctors get a nice little reward for signing.  Hopefully, all will go smoothly as I have booked the undertakers for 12 midday and we can finally get the ball rolling.  I tried in vain to get hold of our solicitor yesterday as I only have copies of the will and next thing is probate which can take some time so I would like to get that started.  I am the sole executrix of the will so at least I can get all the paperwork done and posted off.  I think that is the first time I have ever written the word executrix it doesn't crop up often in conversation!

I have been astonished at the people who have phoned me to offer condolences including my ex-gardener and cleaning lady and a 90-year-old American friend who lives in Trieste.  One day I will tell you her story which if it were a mills and boon book you would say it was just rubbish as life is not like that.

I have had a rethink about the bun fight after the funeral and decided against it if people want to get together afterwards there are plenty of places where they can gather.  I hate such gatherings so as the choice is mine that is what I will go with.  I just want it over and done with.  My mum always said that funerals are for the living, not the dead and I need to put this behind me and look to the future. It has been hanging over me for years and I have watched hopelessly as it approached so now is the time to let go.  

That is about it lets hope the plan for the day goes without hiccups.
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