Thursday morning

Good morning all.  A nice productive day yesterday I have organised the council to come and collect the sofa which should happen next Wednesday morning then in the afternoon I have the carpet shampoo people coming then it will be just a case of waiting for the new sofa bed to arrive delivery was 4 - 10 days so it could be anytime. I got some of the paperwork done and reimbursed Mikes pension the overpayment of £1300 ouch!!! I also converted my current account to one with cashback on bills.  Denzil had a look at the finances and checked through our outgoings and hopefully we should be able to manage with my pension.  We have spent a lot making the house cheap to run and now it is paying off.

I made a cauliflower cheese for lunch and for supper we had some chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with some braised cabbage.  Today I thought I might make a curry, something we haven't had for some time.

Now I don't have to tell you how crazy I am but after a discussion with the boys we have decided that for Christmas lunch we are going to have a blowout full English breakfast then when everyone else is sick to death of turkey I will buy one for next to nothing and we will have it later.  My chef friend has given me some good advice on how best to prepare turkey and when you are roasting 20 a day I guess you learn how!!!!  I am hoping that new year will be just that a new start to a different life with the past firmly behind me.  This trauma has crystallised my thinking and I now know who I can trust to help me out when I need it.  I am a very lucky person to have such good friends and by way of a thank you to all I have volunteered to be a telephone friend to a lonely older person.  It is not a big commitment but hopefully useful one.

Have a good day all
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