Thursday morning

Good morning all, what a strange day it was yesterday.  Poor Denny was full of cold so I told her to go back to bed.  I started to fill out some of the forms but as yet I don't have all the information I need.  I contacted the land registry who are going to send me another pile of forms.  So I gave up and form filling  came to abrupt halt. 

I went and played in the kitchen chopping and frying off ingredients.  Relaxing with the music playing. Then I suddenly realised I was not responsible for anyone but myself. This a very strange sensation. I haven't been clear to do as I pleased for donkey's years. It didn't matter what the time was I could just potter.  This is going to take some getting used to. The bed was out for the dustmen by 7 am as requested but it was not taken until lunch time.  James served himself a bowl of ratatouille with a couple of doorsteps of crusty bread.  Denzil had eaten at work and I wasn't in the mood but I did have a snooze and felt a bit hungry by suppertime and there was plenty left.  It really is a lovely dish when you have the time to make it properly. Slowly patiently one ingredient at a time. I can also now use chilli which has been off limits for years. Oh, curry with a bit of kick, Chinese squid with chilli it will be nice to be able to use all the available ingredient.  I don't want to blow my head off but I do like a bit of heat. Some dishes are just not the same without a hint of heat. A lovely fresh tomato salsa for Mexican needs just a bit or it can be bland and wet tasting. 

Today I have an appointment to have nails done; this shellac is really great and stops your nails flaking or chipping as they are incredibly strong and nothing shifts the nail polish. This time I shall go for a deep burgundy red I think the current colour is a constant reminder of the past and unpleasantness so in the spirit of a new start I shall start with the nails.

I received a lovely letter from Mikes work colleague and I am glad I didn't let him know until after the funeral as he is very unwell and I know he would have tried to attend. Instead, I got this lovely letter reminiscing over the 30 years they sat next to each other in the drawing office. Those were happy days for all of us.  The letter was handwritten but in the most beautiful printing, his draughting skills have not left him. Since I mostly type my handwriting has gone to the dogs I never did settle on one style having been taught several as a child.  Just one of the problems of moving schools in those days.

The sun is trying to climb over the horizon and we have a bit of a blow but the temperatures are still up, it was 14 yesterday, and I found myself peeling off layers as I was boiling.  In the kitchen today I fancy making some Bamby burgers as I have some lovely lean venison mince and I really must get back to making my own bread the commercial stuff is not nice and over sweet.  This is one of the things the continent has got right they still have plenty of bakers producing decent bread.
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