Thursday morning

Good morning all it is 3.30 am but I am wide awake my sleep patterns have gone completely to hell but I don't feel tired so I thought I might just as well get up.

So, what do we think of what happened in America? Any bets on how long before he meets with an unfortunate accident or is caught on video doing something to get himself impeached. They seem to like long drawn out elections so perhaps they need to start now ready for the next one!!!! I had all but lost the will to live with this one which seems to have gone on for years.

I got the solicitor out of the way and did a big shop yesterday so we are now fully stocked again and can get back to proper meals rather than grazing in the fridge. Today I am off to the bank to sort that out, not that there is much to be done but so many people need to be notified.  I have a big box of paperwork to wade through.  I also need to change my will as circumstances are now different.  The difficult bit is who to leave things to should the boys predecease me.  Not something I even want to think about.  Poor James was crippled yesterday having forced his crushed foot into normal shoes for the funeral.  He normally wears soft trainers with special insoles to support his foot and manages very well.  

Shiona is off to Scotland next week as she has things to sort out there following her mother's death she is long distance trying to sell her house.  Chrissie I know you are exasperated trying to buy but let me assure you it is just as difficult to sell.  I think I am going to photograph my three piece suite and advertise it.  There must be some youngsters out there who need some furniture and as it has machine washable covers it should suit somebody.  I am only getting rid of it as I need a complete change in the sitting room which has too many memories to be comfortable.  I also need a sofa bed so that people can come and stay again.

I have been thinking what I would like to do and rather fancy the idea of going gundog training again and see if I can get Dan up to scratch.  I feel guilty that he has rather missed out as I have been otherwise occupied.  I think he has what it takes and is definitely not gun shy.  He is only just 2 and I have taught him the basics but there is a lot more for him to learn and he is keen.  The real question is do I have the stamina!!!  there is nothing quite like seeing your dog do the job for which he was bred and absolutely in his element.  I would also like to get back to shooting again as I do enjoy powdering clay pigeons.  My head is full of ideas but I need to take my time making decisions. I have always wanted to turn my useless garage into a utility room so that may well be on the cards.  However, the boys will need to help me make sensible choices.

Well, that's about it for this morning I am going to make a start on the box of paper while everyone is still asleep and I can do it in peace.

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