Thursday Morning

Good morning all, I am pleased to be finally awake I was really tired last night after a busy day but having gone through Mikes life with the celebrant my mind was in a total whirl and sleep was impossible until the wee small hours. 

Shiona, Elaine, Denny and I tackled the front room and in what seem like a moment we had the bed dismantled and the matteress is now in the front garden awaiting collection by the council.  Clothing has gone to the charity shop and rubbish dumped at the tip. I didn't do any of the running around I just made sure the shepherd's pie was in the oven.  Shiona, with her barristers hat on, scrutinised the paperwork and filed it all neatly for me. Elaine took all the drugs back to the chemist and posted off a couple of forms.  The British heart foundation is going to collect the three piece suite on Friday but I am not going to phone the council just yet in case they turn down the suite [fire labels etc] in which case I will have to get the council to take it away.  The washing machine is full and I have about three more loads still to go.  

Today I have to get the order of service printed off and apparently Staples is the best place to go as they do them all the time.  I think the major work is done of course there are still shed loads of people to notify but I am not rushing with that just yet, I need to get the funeral out of the way first.  It is a case of trying to prioritise and not killing yourself in the process. Sandy's fish pie is going to come in handy today for lunch so I don't have to think about food as well.  Tak my Japanese friend made me some lovely individual cakes which are right up my street as they are not too sweet and perfect with a cup of coffee so that is what I am going to have for breakfast.

The sun is shining and I feel much relieved that so much got done yesterday.  You know what they say if you want a job done ask a busy woman!!!!!
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