Think of us

Poem –  One at Rest –

Think of me as one at rest, for me, you should not weep,
I have no pain, no troubled thoughts, for I am just asleep.
The living, thinking me that was, is now forever still.
And life goes on without me, as time forever will.

If your heart is heavy now because I’ve gone away,
Dwell not long upon it friend, for none of us can stay.
To those of you who liked me, I sincerely thank you all,
And those of you who loved me, I thank you most of all.

The answer to life’s riddle in life I never knew
But I go with hope that now I will, and even so will you.
Oh foolish, foolish me that was, I who was once so small,
To have wondered, even worried, at the mystery of it all.

And in my fleeting lifespan as time went rushing by,
I found some time to hesitate, to laugh, to love, to cry.
Matters it now if time began, or if time will ever cease.

I was here, I used it all – and now I am at peace.
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