Sunday morning

Good morning all another good day yesterday I got a few niggling jobs done like the bannisters which were filthy,  it took me over an hour to wash them down. Lunch was good the mussels and fish were lovely.

Well that is the omega 3 for this week

I slept like a log last night as I think most of the upset has settled and my sister has been in contact.  She was forced to leave her property and wait for rescue as you can see from the picture the cracks are pretty terrifying.

However, you can see from the view why it is such a lovely place to live

Last night was pretty gusty and it poured with rain which has brought down much of the autumn colour.

Denzil  has taken some leave so he is at home today.  I put my three piece suite on a free site but no takers so it will have to go out for the bin men.  I have spotted the sofa bed that I think might be just right in Ikea.  Which will mean a bit of home building but at least we should be able to get it into the room without having to have the windows removed.  We have a very narrow hall which makes getting things into the front room a real pain.  I like the red which should brighten the room up a bit and give me a focus colour.  There is plenty of storage underneath so the bedding can live there and it should only take moments to convert it to a bed.

Looks OK to me and it has pocket springs so it should be comfortable.  I am trying to be good and had a boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast and today will be toast with avocado as I have one on the blink.  As yet no plans for lunch but I do have a chorizo and potato stew in the freezer which will be fine with a salad and crusty bread.

The wind has died down here and the rain has stopped it almost looks quite pleasant outside but a bit chilly.  

Have a good day all what do you think of the sofa bed?
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