Sunday morning

Good morning all what a wet miserable day it was yesterday I ended up doing my impression of the three-toed sloth.  I have put the paperwork to one side for the weekend.  Interestingly the undertakers have sent me a booklet of what to do next  and what to expect much of which is based on the famous Kubler - Ross work on grief.  When I re-read the work I realised that I started the grieving process quite some time ago, the man I married was long gone. However, my comment about my sisters in law has lanced the family boil.  People will put in writing what they are not prepared to say to your face. Better shredded than hung on to. I must admit to being guilty of pressing send instead of delete, oops!!! there is something about putting things in writing, it some how makes thoughts concrete.

Today I have a leg of lamb out of the freezer so I thought I would go for the full roast dinner as we have been doing a lot of grazing.  Denzil will be at work until late but he is always happy for a plate of food to reheat in the microwave.  I have an excess of root vegetables so a nice tray of roasted roots will get rid of some of them. The house is still a tip but I have the rest of my life to sort it out so I am not going to worry about it.  I must admit I am in the mood for a grand clearout I have an armoire in the front room full of odd bits of crystal and silver and I would quite like to see the back of most of it. It only represents work as it all has to be cleaned and the stuff in it is never used so it might just as well go to auction and if I get 4p I will be pleased. As you get older you realise it is just stuff and not of any real value it is people that should be valued not stuff.  And on that profound note I will bid you farewell and go and soak in a long hot bath.
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