Sunday morning

Good morning all, Now what did I do yesterday extremely little, a bit of ironing, a bit of washing up a bit of cooking and lots of sleeping.  Over the last few days, I have completely lost my appetite and forgotten to eat until the evening.  I have now moved into delegation mode and organised the boys to sort out what seating we have.  The thought of bacon/sausage butties and teas and coffees is my next job.  One great thing is that if we cook to order then there will be little waste and bacon sausages and bread never go to waste.

I have discovered a new freedom I can just leave the house and not worry what I will find when I get back which is a strange and new sensation.  I have delegated the boys to household finance so they are going to make up a spreadsheet so we can see just how things are going.  Obviously, the financial situation is going to change so we will need to keep a close eye on outgoings. I think I have enough put by to redo the front room and get the flooring changed as the carpet is destroyed.  It is time I got the room back as it was a bedroom for Mikes mother when she was dying then for James when he was badly injured and finally for Mike when he couldn't manage the stairs.  At last, it can be a sitting room again.  I am hoping to get a decent sofa bed for that room so that I can once again have friends to stay. getting furniture in and out of that room is a pain as the hallway is narrow and leaves no room to turn things round.  In the past, I had to have the windows removed so we could get the sofa into the room.  This time I will get the boys to do the measuring.  

By the way, as we are being bombarded with advertising for funeral arrangements let me tell you my simple ceremony has cost just over 2K.  If you want horses and plumes and fleets of limousines then you will pay through the nose for that.  It might be a good idea to let your loved ones know what you would like.  Mike told me to put him out for the dustmen [not exactly helpful] but I have done the next best thing and kept things simple.  I have avoided any hymn singing as in my experience unless you have a brave soul who will sing up you end up with what sounds like a pile of strangled cats as no one wants their bum notes heard.  I have therefore asked for Spiegle im Spiegle which is the only piece of music Mike actually liked and in lieu of a hymn Air on a G string Bach. This is a kind of a joke between Mike and I as it was the music for the Hamlet cigars adverts which he used to smoke.  I know it would make him chuckle.

I have no real plan for the day Denzil is out working and James is sleeping after a sleepless night so I will just potter around and sort out the bacon etc.  It is perishingly cold here today down to 2 degrees but no frost.
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