Saturday morning

Good morning all yesterday was a bit crazy I pottered about in the morning making some more braised cabbage and also some chicken and rice for lunch.  I made a start in my room by stripping and changing the bed and getting that lot into the washing machine.  I phoned the builder and have got him coming one day next week to see if my plans might work.  There has been a hiccup with the three piece suite in that James knows of someone who has just undergone a batch of chemotherapy and is being moved into a ground floor flat but she has no furniture.  I would much rather see the suite go to a good home rather than landfill.  It does, however, muck up my dates but I am sure we can get around that.    Anyway, after lunch I thought I would put my feet up and watch a bit of TV, however, the next thing I knew was it was 22:45 there was a stone cold mug of tea by my bedside.  I had been sparko for the whole afternoon and evening.  The only thing I can say is I must have needed it and the off button kicked in.  Now you would expect me to then be up all night but no I fed myself some of the braised cabbage and went straight back to sleep.  It is interesting how the body just takes over when it needs too and you don't get a choice. Anyway, I'm not complaining I am just surprised.  I am happy to take any amount of sleep that is on offer.

Today I have no real plans especially as I am a bit disorientated from yesterday's sleep fest.  The kitchen is tidy and the fairies did the laundry, there are some chicken thighs defrosting so I guess they will be for lunch.  James is going out with friends this afternoon and I must say it is nice to see him begin to pick up the pieces of his life too.  It is going to take a while for us all to settle into a new way of life now that we are no longer living in a war zone.

The weather is calm but cold though we have had some high winds of late and plenty of rain it is now serene outside.  

Have a good day whatever you have planned and let's hope the weather is kind to us.
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