Saturday morning

Good morning all what a lovely day I had yesterday.  Denzil was a day off so he got stuck into the laundry while I did the Aldi run and James ran the hoover over the house.  The three of us work well together and the jobs all got done.  I made a venison pie rather along the lines of a cottage pie; I guess it should be called a hunter's pie. Then the fish monger delivered some stunning mussels which we had for supper but there were so many that I have a portion on the half shell which I will gratinate as a starter for lunch today.  Followed by some wonderful mackerel, a fish I really like.  I have two cabbages which need dealing with so I am going to make some braised cabbage with loads of pancetta.  As yet I don't know what I will be serving with it but it can go in the freezer until it is needed.

I have abandoned the paperwork for the weekend and I will start again on Monday as everyone else is working office hours only, so will I.  Apparently I owe Mike pension company £1,000 in over-payments as Mike died at the wrong time of the month. Not what I wanted to hear but at least I will be getting a small proportion as a widows pension. As Tesco would say every little helps!!!!

Interestingly as one door closes so another one opens I have an estranged sister who is currently living in Italy.  I have been unable to contact her as I didn't even know her new surname.  However, what I didn't know is that she too has been reading my blog.  Now that we are old crocks together perhaps enough water has passed under the bridge for us to get on with each other.  Old wounds have had time to heal and she managed to phone me to offer her condolences despite being in the middle of the earthquake and moving house.  She is now registered blind so cannot drive and has moved closer to the amenities as she too is a widow and living alone. All three of my cousins have also made contact so after the dear John letter from Mikes family mine has surfaced again. We might be scattered around the world but the internet has brought us back together.  While the blog has got me into trouble from time to time it has also saved my bacon too.  I might call a spade a shovel but if there is one thing I truly hate it is hypocrisy.  I would much rather people were straight with me then I know where I stand, fake sentiments are just that fake.

Ok end of rant, it is perishingly cold this morning but no frost I guess as we are on the top of a hill we seldom get hard frosts and being close to the coast we are always a few degrees warmer in the winter and a few degrees cooler in the summer.  The garden is knee deep in leaves but I am going to let nature do its own thing and start again in the spring.  That is the one saving grace of a garden you always get another chance. I normally collect the leaves to make leaf mold but this year the wind will blow them all onto the beds where they can make their own leaf mold.  I'm gradually settling into a new routine.  Work in the morning, studying/paperwork in the afternoon and rubbish TV in the evenings.  I am at last beginning to sleep better as my internal alarm is fading and the reduction in antidepressants is going well.  Give me about a month and I hope to be off them all together.  I didn't realise how close to the edge I was and no wonder my friends were keeping a sharp eye on me as they fully expected me to fall on my face.

Have a good weekend I fully intend to.

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