Saturday morning

Good morning all, what a day I had yesterday.  I started filling in forms online only to discover after an hour of n/a questions it then required a signature, fine, no problem print them off, oh dear, printer dead despite new inks. Off I go to Staples to query this and to cut a long story short I came home with a laser jet which was in the sale.  Set it all up, everything, fine until both the computer and printer complained of no toner. Back to staples after trying every possible option. Toner cartridge defective swapped for a new one. Back home and finally success. By which time I was so fed up I gave up and sat down and enjoyed my macaroni cheese which I had been making with the other hand.

Today I really must ring the council and get them to remove mattress.

How lucky am I, the dog trainer rang to say he is about to have knee surgery so he is looking at starting in January which suits me down to the ground. All the dust should have settled by then and with any luck, we may be making progress with reclaiming the lounge so the timing couldn't be better. Perhaps not so lucky for the trainer.  It makes such a difference to no longer be afraid to leave the house. I have cut my anti-depressants by half to gradually wean myself off them. So far no sign or any panic attacks it is a weird feeling to be sad and happy at the same time.

Thanks Anne for putting me on to corsera I learned a lot from the psychology courses which have stood me in good stead. I started with the dog cognition then gobbled up a couple of nutrition courses and finally on to human psychology. I can also recommend "A Life of happiness and fulfilment", brilliant. Writing the letters of forgiveness was cathartic and put pay to grumbling negative thoughts. I am still working on how to forgive myself but I will get there. I think we all expect too much from ourselves and deny ourselves the right to be upset or angry and put it down to foolishness.  As you all know I use this time for some serious reflection as well as planning the meals for the day and the odd monumental rant.  Don't mention America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this won't buy the baby a bonnet as my grandfather constantly reminded me. I never did know why the baby needed so many bonnets.
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