Saturday morning

Good morning all - today might be bonfire night to you but to me, it is my wedding anniversary how's that for timing.  I took myself off at the crack of dawn yesterday to M&S and found a member of staff to help me, I needed a black skirt.  Two lovely ladies helped me and as I have no idea what size I am these days I grabbed an 18 wraparound A line and a pencil size 16 which I thought would just be a joke.  To my surprise, the 16 fitted like a glove and comes to about mid knee the ladies assured me that I didn't look like a tart and it was suitable for purpose and commensurate with my advanced years.

So that done I had to buy some black tights and decided to be clever and get two pairs as I know if I only have one I will stick my fingers through them.  So belt and braces.  I then dashed off to have my nails done, again a bit of discussion, I like bright dark red but it is a bit garish for a funeral so I have gone for a nude colour.  I think my hands could do with an iron!!!!!

I have been trying to decide what you would call the colour I think donkey is the nearest I can get. The British heart foundation refused to take my suite or the bed as they don't have the correct fire labels.  My next move will be gumtree or some such but it means taking photos and all that so it can wait until things settle down a bit. The final option is to have the council come and take it away. However, that is something that can wait until the dust has settled.

I am sleeping particularly badly at the moment so sorry this is a bit late.  The celebrant sent me the draught copy of the eulogy for me to amend.  I suddenly went into teacher mode and started marking it as an essay.  However, I must say she is very skillful at doing this. So I am hopeful that everything is now under control and I can start thinking Bacon butties tea and coffee for my friends who will be coming back to the house which they all know is in chaos.

Well that's it for today onward and upward
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