Monday morning

Good morning all what a glorious day I had yesterday I pottered merrily in the kitchen with music on for the first time in years.  Then I watched "walnuts last walk" and cried my eyes out. At last, I could grieve for all my losses over the past few years none of which have been properly dealt with as there was always someone else who needed support. Both my parents had been ill but were recovering my mother from a benign brain tumour which had left her with a Bell's palsy and my father from bladder cancer the treatment for which had been intense DXT and extremely debilitating. Mike went to pieces when the police came to the house to break the news that my parents had died and the boys were devastated grandparents are important, and I was up to my armpits dealing with the press, identifying bodies and making arrangements then the inquest.  My sister son had only recently died and then my uncle shot himself within the month so I bought his girlfriend a ticket from Italy and she came and stayed with us. She needed time as it had been quite a trauma for her as she had no family.  Especially as she had been arrested in case it was her who had shot him. What a proverbial mess that was.  Then I lost three of my best furry buddies in quick succession. Losing Basso was the final straw that broke my heart but no time to grieve as by then Mike had become a full-time job.  James bought me a big bunch of flowers for which he got a huge rampage from Mike for wasting money. Poor boy could never do right for doing wrong but as usual, he was there for me when I needed him as I have been there for him when he needed me that is what family is about isn't it?  I'm sure all this contributed to Denzil leaving the country which very nearly did for me as he had intended to enter a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. He had done several retreats and thought it might be a way forward. Fortunately, he decided to go into teaching instead and is now safely back in the family fold for the time being.

Wow where did that lot come from?  What was that you said Joy better out than in.

Anyway, who is off to the fantastic emporium for breakfast with Sandie lovely a huge pile of softly scrambled eggs on a slice of toasted and buttered sourdough with crispy pata negra. Are you salivating yet? Then I can take my time shopping, especially as the butcher now stocks veal which I am very fond of. Which reminds me I had better check what delights are in my vegetable box for this week before I go mad in the veg department.  Oh and yes, I know,  ring the council!!!!!!
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