Monday Morning

Good morning all as expected my sleep patterns are all to hell but I am managing to get some rest so I am fine.  I am however revving up for tomorrow. I will be so relieved once it is all over so in many ways an early appointment at the crematorium suits me fine as I would only be pacing the floor if it were later in the day. I am terrible at waiting and go into caged tiger mode.

Yesterday passed peacefully James insisted I had both lunch and supper.  I wasn't really hungry so he made me a piece of toast with a big pile of scrambled eggs, baveuse just as like them.  He is really getting quite good in the kitchen.  Apparently, he is going to do the bacon butties while I chat with friends.  Anyway, he will no doubt be supervised by my chef friend who is coming.  I am only expecting a select few who live locally as I am sure everyone else will be eager to get home. Especially the brothers who have a lunch to attend and will need to make a hasty getaway.

I have tried to make the front room habitable so people can at least sit down to eat their butties and we have gathered as many chairs as possible.  While it is still a bit of a shambles my friends won't mind.  I am not expecting the photographer from homes and gardens!!!!!

This morning I am off to Dobbies to lay in supplies of bacon and sausages bread butter and red and brown sauce.  Tea and coffee I have in abundance but milk will need to be topped up.  All pretty simple stuff.  Fortunately, I have a second fridge in the garage for just such occasions. I am hoping that the hive of activity will break the ice and make people feel more comfortable.

I think all these people will come as a shock to Dan who is a little nervous but he does know most of the people so hopefully, he will not find it necessary to bark at them all.  If he makes a nuisance of himself he can soon be sent to bed.

My head is a shambles of mixed emotions but I know my friends will keep me on the straight and narrow.  I have already done a lot of grieving knowing what was coming so hopefully I will not crumble into pieces, and if I do so be it.

I'm sorry if this is a bit downbeat but you are my friends and I know you will understand.

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